Monday, December 3, 2012

Here's to the Harvest: May it be Abundant and in Perfect Rhythm with Life.

Oh how we toil.
We plant the seeds that promise tall leafy things that nourish our bodies
we build structures that keep us warm and dry
and we constantly seek the answers to life's mysteries in between just trying to let it all be and unfold with grace.

The women of my circle are all this way:
we want to do so much of the living and creating ourselves
and we are conscious of what we put into our bodies,
into our lives.

It feels constant and sometimes backbreaking.

But there are those moments: Oh, my God those moments!!!

You know, the ones where everything clicks and for a day or an hour or a year
there is understanding before the soul takes flight for the next round of growing...

breath becomes more measured
time seems to stretch to accommodate that walk with him
or that extra time with our beasts
or just a moment to savor a nice cup of tea by the frosted kitchen window

it's the harvest, I think.
Just as the farmer rounds up the bounty in the fields
so do we as women have soulful moments of abundance after a long hot summer of 
working to be better.

There are rewards for all the times you choose compassion,
for those times you could have yelled but instead asked calmly to understand what was going on.
Gold dust scatters the path of choosing THIS moment over ruminating
or planning.

When that stillness comes
during that long and languorous sunset moment of lovely warmth
it is my wish for you to reap the wheat of your reward consciously
and just rest in that Great Palm as a child would.

This ring is for the Harvest. 
In the center is a piece of rutilated quartz: the rutile is so gold and plentiful that it stops me in my tracks every time I walk by.

The cone of this volcanic design is enameled copper with the hand-drawn wheat in shades of crimson and marigold watercolor.
It is tucked in to a hand-cut fine silver bezel, hammer-textured and given a fluted rise in cadence with the crop it compliments.

The ring's edges are scalloped, the band a moderate width to fit a size 8.5 finger.

May you wear it both in times of plenty and in times of uphill work,
knowing that your hard work's harvest will be celebrated in its perfect season
as everything natural dances too.



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creative quest said...

This ring, These words, so beautiful! I felt a kinship to my own process of toiling the soils, sowing the seeds, tending the plants, and the harvest. The sweet harvest... In love, in relationships with others and ones self.
Thank you.