Thursday, December 20, 2012

Portrait of a Gentleman

A year.
It's been a year since I buried my face in Jones' bunny fur and told him that nothing could be wrong with him,
that I would never survive losing him before he was old and smelled and had dandruff.

"It's just that you have to stop eating so much!" I cooed and petted, to which he replied with his well-oiled-machine purr
and a head-butt, back when he was still well enough to give them in spades.
It's been
one year since we realized that the weight gain around his middle was getting bigger faster than food could ever affect
A year since I fumbled around trying to balance third trimester pregnancy with caring for a dying animal body
A year since a piece of me traveled into The Mystery with him

A request for a pet portrait saw me beginning this painting last December
before we thought anything of anything at all.

It remained three-quarters finished all year
until yesterday
during Orion's afternoon nap

"Why not?" I shrugged
since the last few months have found me remembering him with a smile only
no tears welling
no regret at the details (why do we torture ourselves so?)
and so I am finishing this painting, stroke by stroke
and recalling all the things that made his eyes sparkle just so
and oh those stately whiskers
 a poised stance that spoke of being ready for anything
of the hunt
and love for us, his humans

Oh, Jones....
my magnificent bastard, my first baby boy...
it's so nice to have been yours.

I am offering a limited number of pet portraits:
I have several gallery-style 11 X 14 canvases
and the desire to capture a drop of spirit
in black and white acrylic.

If you are interested, please 




Caitlin said...

A stunning tribute, indeed. You have definitely captured a look of keen, focused curiosity that only a cat has.
We had our cat's portrait painted by a friend, as well as one of our dog, who is no longer with us. It is amazing to see an animal through the eyes of a painter who sees the colours of their soul.

Our cat:
Our dog:

Allisunny S. said...

Caitlin, those are beautiful portraits!! Thank you so much for sharing them with me.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful tribute to your handsome boy. It's a good place to be...where drying tears are replaced by smiles.
Have a gorgeous Christmas!

Allisunny S. said...

Ash, it really is a nice place to be....the process may be long to get there, but the sweetness is worth every day :) xoxox

Dave said...

Have a great holidays with the men in your life... A year since Jones has left has been busy... did you ever get a chance to stop by and see pictures on FB of our new kitty? We too lost our lady cats, but the neighbors quickly had us back up with three furballs in the house.

your friend Dave

Cat said...

oh A
what a beautiful tribute
such love

he had a wonderful life with you
no regrets : )

love to you
love and light