Wednesday, December 12, 2012



Carved grey moonstone with vintage coral beads and vintage coral carved pikake flowers

A soft kiss for your shoulders
in their holiday finest
coming in at three and one quarter inches long

Vintage mother of pearl beads and carved pikake flowers
with a hammered silver top

stunning in any light
but have you tried mother of pearl by candlelight?
Oh, you must!!

Lucin Variscite wrapped in sterling and fine silvers 
cascade of sterling and mother of pearl flowers and beads...four inches of sweet elegance

so delicate and luminous.

Onyx and vintage carved coral pikake flowers

the perfect length for everyday

with just enough grit in the aging to temper the honey-sweetness of the 
many-years-old carving.

Inquiries welcome for all pairs




MrsLittleJeans said...

All so delicate and beautiful xx

pencilfox said...

dang. badass and gorgeous all at the same time.