Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fashion Pups

Today I made a dog collar with the neatest font. Made me think I'd like to do more tooling around words...I do so much 'object' tooling these days.
It's been a strange 24 hours, with lots of work and thought. There are moments when I am sitting in my perfect and really beautiful studio and I almost can't breathe because I feel overwhelmed by luck and good fortune. I have love, kittehs, a great family and friendships that are so golden. My little career is blossoming shyly and there are promising things afoot.
On the other hand, I have no idea what in God's Green Earth I am doing. I had a dayjob ( a veritable series of them ) for 7 years, and sometimes the current lack of structure scares me. When orders are thin I worry, and when orders are abundant I am so grateful. I feel like this is part of what I was born to do. The other part is here:

Singing and tooling my days away = heaven on earth.

I am just going to keep working at both diligently and carefully.

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Pocket Quilts! said...

I just wanted to tell you that this post of yours just gave me the most amazing peaceful feeling... Thank you for sending me out on my day feeling this way! I found you as the "featured artist" on Etsy this morning and I just can't wait to get back this afternoon to read everything...look at all of your work. Mostly I just wanted to say to keep following your dreams. I have always worked for myself..and although it can be scary, at 55 I have learned that it's just a rollercoaster ride...exhilerating and scary at the same time. Look around you...would you change a thing?? Your life sounds like bliss... forge on!!