Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Front Page Etsy Lovin'

Today my apple belt made it to the front page of Etsy. I was doing a rare afternoon singing gig and missed it, but to come home and have so many messages and hearts felt soooooo good. Like a big hug from a community I have felt so supported by. What a gift Etsy is. It's like a present that's different every day. Not to mention sales are steady, and I wasn't sure I would ever quite get to that place. Wow!
I still find it odd and difficult to go to the forums ( a little shy, still ) but yesterday I had the blues because my little mini portfolio was turned down by and I wrote a little post saying so, and asking after my photography and if there wasn't anything I could improve: the suggestions and support came, gentle as rain and just as clean, and I found myself with a laundry list of wonderful things to buy so that my pictures will reflect the beauty of the tooling and create a little bit o' lust in the buyer.
My favorite customer got her last shipment and all is right with the world.
I am going out to run errands, banking and hopefully some good beach walking. Yesterday the entire beach was strewn with uprooted kelp beds and the water was disarmingly warm. The sky was covered in low-hanging grey marine layer clouds and I picked the only spot on the beach where dolphins had decided to frolick in the surf. Three minutes later they were gone, but not until after one completely cleared the water in a leap I have only imagined being witness to.
No matter what, Los Angeles is a fascinating and wondrous place.
Like Etsy :)

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