Monday, July 23, 2007

Up you Go!!

Yesterday my Beloved and I drove up the coast to San Louis Obispo and almost immediately drove back down again. We say llamas, disgruntled waitresses (not ours, thankfully!) and the most delicious sunset I have seen in years. It started vaguely yellow and was part-marine-layer-part-cirrus... it eventually burned itself out in an orgy of red and magenta and orange. Anthony drove and I stayed turned around, watching.
It was probably the first time in a long time I haven't watched the road, too when someone else is driving...I always feel like I have to be vigilant for the driver here in L.A. It's kinda valid...there's some kinda drug-induced driving on the freeways.
I went to bed very early and slept a much needed 11 hours, that kind of comfy sleep where the blankets and featherbed feel like marshmallows and the air outside the covers is just cool enough to make you snuggle deeper. I listed this necklace today, perhaps as a bilssful result of break-taking.
Have you had your break recently?

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C & L said...

Lovely necklace, Allison! Glad you are refreshed and feeling fabulous! Moss feet!