Tuesday, July 24, 2007

There Ain't Nothin' like a Half-belt

I don't remember how it happened, but one day I realized if I made a belt that was half or a little more than half of the average waist, I would be making something that was convertible and fun. More than one option always feels so good and fires up the imagination. It could be a belt if tied with a scarf, a bag strap if attached to the rings of a good bag: you can put it across your chest for that very secure feeling purse carrying action...you can tie it low across your hips, tie it in the center of your waist...the possibilities seem endless.
I have been making one this past week, filling orders and in my spare time making this very detailed half-belt. Expect to see more :)


Shell Mitchell said...

Great idea and a beautiful belt!

Morrgan said...

It looks gorgeous!