Monday, July 30, 2007


The nap never happened. All numbers jumped. more customs, 5 simple orders off the page, convos and more convos...and while this is all happening I feel high on life, on creativity, on the challenge of it all: I am one woman supplying this little store that, before today, was a lot sleepier :) This push of energy I give is in honor of the last seven years spent sitting behind a reception desk, answering phones for someone else's dream...for all the nights I said 'If I could just live off my creativity"...for all the fear, the mornings awake wondering if I did the right thing by leaving the corporate world and trusting that this random love and skill for leather and music would pan out...this is one of those times I could have never dreamed was possible. Now I don't want to get all 'The Secret' on you, dear reader, because it's kinda annoying sometimes, but I will say this: deciding to be adventurous and trusting that your next step is the right one is the way to go. Every day I repeat certain words, and they have been an excellent chauffer. Drive on :)

I am now getting to the level of tiredness where I start referring to myself as 'Mama', and I don't have any children. Perhaps things can wait till morning? Nope...pressing on. There are koi to be born, leaves to let fall...onwarrrrrddddd!!!


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