Friday, December 4, 2009

All in a (LONG) day's work!!

The urge to create a trillion earrings for Bazaar Bizarre has been such a neat one to follow:
earrings can provide just the right pop of color and spirit in a grey day and there are endless possibilities for shape and structure, a few of which I've been exploring.

It has been an incredibly work-heavy day: ten fresh leather koi lay tooled and uncolored on my marble block and eight pair of earrings hang from the jewelry tree (of which there are three for my table!)

and I have that feeling....
ladies, if you've done a craft show or prepared for something big you know that feeling: kind of like after raking up a yard full of leaves - tuckered out and fully aware of the magnitude of your exertion.

Or maybe a more concise comparison would be that of a squirrel stacking up acorns for the winter and observing its cache with a high-pitched happy cartoon sigh.....

It's satisfying and exciting!

I'll be laying off the shop updates for a while with a few exceptions: there are some pairing rings I am working on for this week that I think you will really enjoy - but in general, I'll be keeping most things for the show.

Expect a realllly large update-y day on the 14th - OH! before I forget -- the final day for shipping for Holiday Orders will be the 21st in the morning, no possible exceptions - just some information I find important I share with you!

I'll be flying home to my original parental units in Pittsburgh, PA (go, Steelers!!) on the 22nd: 

where will you be going? 


reconstructing sarah said...

i was just in pittsburgh a few weeks ago! :)

everything looks splendid, good luck my dear!!!!!!

MrsLittleJeans said...

can imagine your squirrel squeal, thank you for the updates on the dates, and with us, parental units will be visiting (I only hope that our building plumbing problems are controlled by then...yikes)

Have a wonderful, productive yet restful weekend! Two gorgeous necklaces from your leather shop flew the coop too quickly. I hope you make more of that gorgeous brass chain. Well, enough babbling from me....Pittsburgh sounds great, I have watched the Gound Hog's Day a zillion times (why I think of that?)


Good Girls Studio said...

Lovely earrings growing on the tree! We will be staying put for the holidays & forcing the rest of the fam to come to us! Good luck at the Bizarre!

Kiki said...

A school of leather fishies! I can't wait to see the rainbow of color that they turn into! Your earring tree is also very tempting.
As for the holidays, I'm probably hopping a bus on the 23th for home sweet home.

emmy d said...

Beautiful work! (Especially on these gray gray days.....)

Horay for Pittsburgh! That is where I will be as well! Hopefully with snow....