Thursday, December 17, 2009


Yesterday's jam mishap (you should have seen the Schmilly's face when I laughingly asked him to try it: "Smells good," he said. The ensuing wince said it all!) got me thinking about the art of  preserving and letting go.

 Sometimes you can absolutely take a fruit, or a moment or even a dead body (like Lenin) and capture it with technology, heat or preservative injections and a constant temperature of 61 degrees fahrenheit.

There are other things in life you simply just experience in their moments and in your memory.
The creamy neon orange pulp of a ripe California persimmon is simply something that must be experienced while it lasts.

I will gorge myself on this incredible fruit for as long as the winter lasts and next year when the trees lose their leaves and the the winds sting my nose I will smile, knowing that I am close to this new seasonal tradition.

just like heirloom tomatoes in the summer
fresh sugar snap peas in the spring
and watching a baby grow into a child with each passing year.




MrsLittleJeans said...

I am all for seasonality ; )

Jaime said...

Ok, can you believe I have never had a persimmon ?
I do think Ill have to pick one up next time im at the grocery!

RosyRevolver said...

Ah, this is so how I feel about scuppernongs. Sigh.

Well said.


Dave said...

So... we should all over reach in life and smile when we don't make it... keep jammin away...

I'm sitting here thinking should I let my son laugh at me and return the Beatles RockBand or just go to the store before... He has guitar hero not RockBand!

I just wanted him to appreciate the beatles more.. Guitar hero Aerosmith here I come...

susie said...

A wonderful way to look at things.

We used to pick persimmons every year when I was growing up, we have a different variety in Missouri, we always picked them in November, they hung on the trees like little figs, all brown and wrinkly and mushy and sweet. The ones that weren't ripe would pucker your mouth all the way down to your toes.

JJ has me so curious, I must go google scuppernongs now. Off to enjoy some seasonsl candycanes,enjoy your day.