Thursday, December 24, 2009

I love you.

Dearest readers,
This year has been incredible and honestly, you have played such a huge part in that.
Your kindness, your community, your recipes and stones and struggles and victories....
I truly adore you and I love visiting all of your blogs and catching up with you here.
I have been in the bosom of my family for a few days and my thoughts and journaling and singing and sketching have all led me to a new way I want to approach life as my New Year's Resolution: I want to live as though each day is my last and treat each person I meet as though this was theirs, too.
It's going to mean working on big things like compassion and clarity, love and choosing to love in the face of cruelty or pain.
It's going to entail some stretching and setting lots of caged birds free inside this heart of mine... I am so excited to have a goal that reaches beyond my waistline and encompasses my soul and the souls of those I meet, those I know.
I'll need to remember that underneath every anger and slight is a deep hurt and respond as lovingly as I can, to both myself and others in their rancor or mistaken behaviour. I'll need to chew my thoughts and digest them before I share them, mull over how I'd feel if the intended recipient left this earthly realm overnight.
I will most assuredly need to work on taking a few hours off each day to drive into the hills and watch the grass wave and grow into its emerald spring coat... I'll need to get on that purple bike I bought in the summer and ride through town, tucking my groceries, USPS-bound packages and art supplies in the basket and strapping my copious books into the shelf on the back.
What I don't need to work on any more than I already do is loving life with every cell in my body, relishing the experience of every sadness and joy equally, knowing that when one ends the other soon follows as though they were really twins that visited on a tag-team basis throughout the course of a well-lived life.
On this holiday I just wanted to take the time to share how much I treasure you and share a few thoughts on resolutions, on starting anew and living with heart.
Tell me your resolution and take my gratitude with you this evening or whenever your eyes read this. I am bursting with love.


Berkshire Hostess said...

Merry Christmas, Allison! You're guaranteed a fulfilling new year with those resolutions - they show much integrity and depth of character on your part. I believe in living with a pure conscience in the presence of almighty God - a perpetual pursuit of the spiritual riches hidden in this life. May blessings abound, my dearest friend!

Katherine said...

I love your words, your resolutions, your spirit. I love you, too!

My resolution is to write this book, one word at a time. Write through fear, write through busyness, write through dead spots in the inspiration stream, write, and write, and write. No matter what happens.

susie said...

Beautiful. This year I resolve to TRY- to give myself permission to fail because at least that would mean I have tried. There are stories to be written, pictures to be taken, jewelry too be made, races to be run, and songs to be played. I want to try it all this year with enthusiasm and joy, embracing all that is new.

Wishing you a new year filled with wonder and happiness.

Dave said...

Merry Christmas... 2009... the year I finally met a full fledge angel... Peace...


~Heather~ said...

Merry Christmas Allison!!! Beautiful words and resolutions! You kind spirit has brought me many smiles!!! I hope you are yours have a beautiful holiday season (The lovely kitties too)!!

Runs4fun said...

Merry Christmas Allison. What a lovely gal you loving and warm...and lovable!

Here is to a 2010 that is filled with a wealth of the things that matter most, health and peaceful happiness.

Forward...we go.


Lynda said...

That is beautiful! I'm working on my "intentions" right now and you've given me food for thought. Thanks and happy new year!

Kala said...

I love you too. Let's both wish for success in our endeavors this year, large and small. *KISSES*

liz r. said...

You're the best, Allison. Visiting you in cyberspace is always such a treat.

No resolutions for me as yet--I'm waiting for one among the many possibilities to present itself.

Good Girls Studio said...

lovely resolutions that will become much more than "should haves" in your life! My resolution is to Inspire & Avail!

lisa lucky said...

What a great spirit you have! You are truly a wonderful person!