Monday, December 14, 2009


I listed quite a few pieces in the Metal Shop today: I will be listing just a few more over the course of the next few days: I am tired beyond what I could have ever anticipated and so I must rest.
Really and truly rest: why is that so hard to do sometimes?
Good evening and a nice cup of tea to you all!!!


Runs4fun said...

Rest you must! Take a lesson from an exhausted the north-east of you! Being over-tired adds stress...and even exciting / good things are stressful You've worked hard, and the results of your efforts are touchingly lovely (as always). Enjoy some time just to yourself. I so wish I could afford myself that I HEREBY GIVE YOU a few extra hours...'on me'! Sending warm wishes...and a few 'zzzzz's!

Jaime said...

Good lord I am exhausted for you Allison! Those 2 rings at the end of the post - divine!

Anonymous said...

Wow Allison, all of your pieces are always so beautiful and capture my eye and mind. Thinking to myself, hmmmm. I have to have those. I'm in love with the Purple ring and the aw so amazing Moctezuma Agate Ring!!! Maybe I can get one before they sell, hee hee. Enjoy your rest♥

MrsLittleJeans said...

I was wondering when you were going to take a break...have a wonderful evening : )