Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Now we're getting somewhere...

Decaf Dark Chocolate Mocha in hand

A busy mind full of designing and plans

Electrodes attached to all the right places

Everything's lined up to please solve this case of

Skipping a beat or electrical dissonance

Months of calm waters and suddenly back again

Three four then ten in a minute or two

Then a feeling of falling while worried thoughts pool...

I've too much to do, much too damn much to dream about

So let's get this show on the road -

 I will map the route.


Katherine said...

Damn, girl. You even look good in electrodes!

The Noisy Plume: said...

Katherine beat me to it but you surely do make a heart monitor look sexy!

Taddyporter said...

Dearest Lovely in Electrodes:

wishing you the best-est of Tuesdays and a toast(of decaf soy vanilla latte)to getting that sweet heart of yours working like the finest Rolex.....love to you babycakes!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Hope your skips and jumps are just transient sputters of joy.

Good Girls Studio said...

Hope your heart doesn't skip too many beats from that man of yours! Feel better!

MrsLittleJeans said...

With that smile you make other hearts skip beats, I am sure of it....good luck!

Kiki said...

Work that heart monitor!

RosyRevolver said...

Agreeing whole heartedly with everyone else that you look beautiful, friend. Hang tight. It will be figured out.

Hugs from Carolina,

Anonymous said...

Didn't you get the memo that all mochas are to be shared with me? :)

I'm sending slow-and-steady messages to your heart.

daily coyote said...

cutest picture of you!!!!
xo S.

Dave said...

And just think how much more wired you would be with NON-Decaf... Ha...

Second the comment on a cute pic of you...

go attack the world with the passion of you love ninja soul.

Nancy*McKay said...

...does any of this...have to do with...idol...ness...!?

Runs4fun said...

your heart, Allison, is pure light and gracious beauty. it's just got the hiccoughs:) i'd have to agree with the first comments...you radiate beauty and feminine sexiness EVEN in a holter top! on a more serious note...sending warm healthful thoughts. stay strong and brave. we are living in remarkable times.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Katherine: ;)

Jillian: You should see the clip on belt, too - effortlessly chic :)

Taddy: Love you love you.

Kogie: I love that idea - that's what they shall be from now on :)

Goodgirls: he is mighty fine... perhaps that's it!!

MrsLittleJeans: I blush!!!! :)

Kiki: It's all the rage in Milan - electrode chic :)

Rosy: returned hugs from California my sweet friend.

Liz R: I poured out some for you, like liquor! :)

Shreve: xoxoxoxoxoxo!!!

Dave: Miss you, Uncle :)

Nancy : that was the kick-start, yes!

Runs: I adore you.

mary said...

I agree with Katherine and everyone else who wonders... How do you do it even in a stressful situation? Take care of your beautiful heart sweet Allison.
(something we have in common - my irregular beat say: 'bob moro bob moro' and then just a bob or ten seconds later a moro or another bob!)

sylvestris said...

Agree, you DO make even a Holter monitor look good.

You will tell us how things turn out, right?

I get PVC's when I'm on overload. Your description of your palpitations sounds similar...in any event, many such perturbations are harmless. I'm hoping so for YOU!