Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still Life with Goodies

It is time to make a new 4X6 inch postcard, one that reflects where my pieces are now, what with all the silversmithing marrying of the two crafts....

With Bazaar Bizarre coming up I realized it would be really good to have the cards NOW - speaking of which, if you love something in either shop now might be the time to grab it as BB is a 2 day event in Golden Gate Park and things may sell.

Anthony suggested so amazingly the idea of a painting-style still-life, and so after a morning of arranging and photography with the trusty Nikon D60 and a tripod, here is the winner:

The koi is my humorous homage to the still-life-with-fish genre that can be pretty hard to look at: all these gasping-y, flippy fish bodies ready for the chopping block. Ack!

The amazing fresh fruits are from the Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmer's market, which happens every Wednesday and Sunday, rain or shine all year long.

This morning it was f-f-f-f-rigid, but I had my first persimmon, which you buy soft and suck out the sweet nectar from a hole you bite - how Twilight!

Earlier in the day I dropped off the Holter Monitor - over the course of yesterday and last night I had four really solid events, so they are recorded and will hopefully get me one step closer to clarity.

Thank you so deeply for your fantastical comments on yesterday's post.

One final note: please please see the movie "Up" - Anthony and I watched it last night and it touched me to the bedrock. 


MrsLittleJeans said...

I like the postcard, warm, inviting, creative, smiling!

susie said...

That is the prettiest still life I've seen in a long time. Thinking of you and hoping that this time the Holter monitor offers some clues as to what may be going on.

I used to go every fall and pick persimmons- that brings back some wonderful memories(mostly of the lip puckering sour variety- which just made the ripe ones that much sweeter).

Good luck at your upcoming show, and thank you for the kind words on my blog. It is a hard thing to make something and then present it to the world (in my case warts and all). I am enjoying the process and learning tons.

Anonymous said...

Prrrrretty postcard! Keep us updated on the heart situation.

Berkshire Hostess said...

Allison - Oh, yes, I agree with you on the movie, Up - my son still remembers that it made me cry. Aahhh... such a wonderful life lesson tucked in there.

RosyRevolver said...

Better than Anthropologie. SSSSOOOOOOOOOO pretty. When can I book you to come photograph my stuff?

Runs4fun said...

Up! is indeed sweet. Saw it in 3-d this summer...and touching it is (as well as quite clever). I bought it and took it to hospital on my laptop and had mom watch it in little bits---to keep her from being so restless. The mini-postman slays me! Speaking of hospital---must get back there. TTYS

reconstructing sarah said...

lovely, on all acounts :)

"up" - i agree, very well done!

Kiki said...

Do still lifes get anymore tempting than that? I think not!
Good luck at the upcoming show. Of course, with work like this, you probably don't need luck! Knock'em dead! :)

Jaime said...

wow Allison you have had busy hands lately! I love everything, but that ring is breathtaking!