Monday, November 30, 2009

Color Color Everywhere!!

Returning from the frozen (ok, not frozen, but really cold!) tundra of Minneapolis I see this unreal state with new eyes all over again.

It is so sunny, so green and lush regardless of the chilly temps. I cut some lavender off of the giant bush out back and caught up to my dried bunch from a week ago: I am going to make sachets!!! Oooooo, projects!

In preparation for the show I have begun to make earrings and smaller necklaces, but I'd really like to post them in the shop this evening because I want them to be available to everyone. I am really enjoying earrings these days!

I made the two smallest necklaces using beach glass collected by yours truly in Bodega Bay back in September. 
One of the pieces is a simple Shelter Necklace:

A little bare sprout stem gently bending over a lovely little emerald glass.... such a peaceful feeling!
The other beach glass went into a mini Anini Beach Snorkel Necklace:

A valentine to a beach using a stone collected on another shore....sigh. Romantic indeed!!!

The most impressive in size and scope is a Boundary Necklace using two rows of reinforced silver for extra protection for a little light blue Larimar soul. Larimar is a rare and special stone from the Dominican Republic and it looks quite like shallow water in the Florida Keys... just lovely.

For the earrings I chose bright stones, like Coral:

Asymmetrical: one earring has two strands and one has a third: a little coral branch. All connections are closed and ready for a lifetime of wear.

A pair of little Carnelian Cutouts....light and delightful, measuring in at 1.5 inches!!

And one last pair: a whimsical and lighthearted pair of danglies featuring two little glass tulips in yellow, orange and red hues... these are so fun and sweet!!!

I missed the studio. I missed the cats and this house: in the morning hours while I was soldering I was blessed enough to be able to catch some mourning doves bathing in the rain-filled gutters above a neighbor's home.

I was caught off guard by a wave of intense gratitude and carried off to sea.

Tomorrow I get to wear the Holter Monitor: I am sure I'll have some thoughts to share with you on the experience, my distant comrades!!!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous color in these pieces, they definitely remind me of a tropical paradise! Good luck with the Holter monitor, I had to wear one a few summers back and made sure everyone could see the top electrodes so I could make bionic woman jokes (and get sympathy brownies :).

Dave said...

Cold, ha you ain't seen cold....

Glad to have you back... loved the santa blog too.


Kim said...

Lovely new pieces, Allison! I am especially partial to the Larimar, one of my favorite stones.

MrsLittleJeans said...

Lovely pieces...welcome back! Meow meow!

Kiki said...

Beautiful work! I love the sea glass and the Larimar!

Anonymous said...

Color everywhere, for sure! They're lovely together and lovely by themselves.