Monday, November 16, 2009

Treats and Revelations

Dear Friends,
The afternoon California sun is filtering into my studio with such loveliness, spilling over my cds (today it was a Peter, Paul & Mary kind of day with a side of Indigo Girls) and my work and my comfy chair...

I must confess: the experience of Friday night sent me into my studio Sunday with a near fever of love for what I get to do for a living:

I get to make rings our of rare stones (eclipse stone!!)

I get to name my pieces and hand scallop my edges...

I have the unique opportunity to marry my chosen arts: silver, stone and leather...

become energized by earth that took the color of marigolds and ebony and wrapped them into a picture of the original big bang!

The cuff was a result of my fervor, the ring a result of my love.

They will each be in their respective shops this evening.

I had a huge revelation on Friday night after all the emotions died down: my comfort zone-though not to be pandered to- need not be pummeled.

In my well-intentioned urge to make sure I wasn't afraid of living I scared the living merde out of myself and found my body responding in a way that any being responds to big stress:
heart palpitations
digestive issues
jagged emotions...

This is not to say for one second that I am not thrilled to have done what I did, or that I am not completely excited that I was so brave - what I am saying is that there are ways to push the box that are a little less extreme. A little less shy-girl-onstage-at-a-honkytonk!

that my body is so vocal in its complaints - what I need to learn how to do is listen with compassion and love to those unspoken words and decide with each passing option what feels best and act accordingly.

side note: I just got a card in the mail today from one of my Canadian crew and I cried, big happy tears to read the sweetest words - thank you, dearest like-minded friend. 
This is added to care packages and jam and notes and stones and all the wonders I have received of late: I am truly grateful for the kindness showered on me, my stomach and my steadying heart.
You truly rock my world.


Corinna said...

You are wise, and courageous, and incredibly talented. You did it, you over-did it, you will recover. And you are just so dang lovely, and generous to share it with us!

Anonymous said...

It is good to try these heart-palpitating things once in a blue moon. You get to know yourself better. What works well for you and more importantly what does not!!

Michelle - Revelate said...

Beautiful pieces Allison, filled with soul. Waxing Moon revelations are a marvelous, magical experience.

Bisquit said...

I am always your idol...smith, tool, sing, piano! I stinkin' love the two-toned brown/black cuff with turquoise. Fine, I need more Sunny and these may come in the form of leather, ThanK YOU.....your tooling makes me swoon. xoxo, klf

Jamie said...

Your work and blog leave me so energized after I see them. I am saving my money to buy a stone necklace from you one day. I do have a question, do you know of any literature that explains how to do stone inlays on material...? I have searched far and wide over the Internets and bookstores and I have not found anything. If you know that would be appreciated. I look forward you your next blog and seeing more of your work. Its beautiful. I grew up in Arizona and your work brings me back so many happy memories. Thank you for bringing those memories back to me

MrsLittleJeans said...

I stopped by to wish you well...well done Miss Sunny!

susie said...

Beautiful... You may not have won the competition, but your light shines bright, your silver shimmers, and your work overflows with soul.

Jaime said...

WOW -that cuff just took my breathe away.
Im speechless!