Friday, November 13, 2009


Twas not meant to be  - the sassiest and loudest vocalizers of the evening took the prize, and I, as you know, am a subtle bean.
I love how much you supported me and I cannot wait to NOT be nervous for another week.

I love you with all my heart,


RosyRevolver said...

We love you and you are always a star to us.

And when you DO make it to the big time . . . send everyone who voted another direction glittery cards that say, "Wish you were here." :)

Hugs and love,

Jaime said...

I always preferred the subtle bean anyways :-)

Anonymous said...

Alas. :(

This is such an accomplishment, though--I hope you're proud of yourself.

Desiree Fawn said...

Awe, I'm glad you gave it your all -- your voice is just so beautiful!!

The Noisy Plume: said...




You've got more verve than the world can handle. You're MY country idol. That's for shizzle. Now I'm putting on my Capezios and going to get a decaf latte, you with me?

Corinna said...

Here here! You rock our world, Allison!!

Taddyporter said...

Well boy HOWDY did they MISS out but gosh I bet your heart is relieved! You are the FINEST in my eyes and ears and you were really nice to share a bit of yourself with Sonoma County, the lucky stiffs(um, that is something with say down in the Palouse, it looks weird typed out but I'm gonna go with it) are SOSOSOSO the winner REALLY(but we all knew that already)loveyoutopiecesyourTaddyfriend.

Kiki said...

Subtle beans are the best. I don't know what they were thinking!
You'll always get my vote!

tmbarclay said...'s their loss!!!! Plus, I bet the girl that won isn't a creative talent who can not only sing, but write her own music, play the piano, and design and create the most beautiful jewellry??!! Nope......I bet she's not talented like you.......the amazing Allison!!!

Anonymous said...

what tmbarclay said!!

Vita said...

WOOHOO! Kudos to you for putting yourself out there and trying Allison!! =)

Dave said...

Ha... as a mac user I'm used to understanding that 85% of this world revolves around me, and me and my 15% of the world are happy and loved. Kid you are the mac tonight... you are sheer brilliance in a world so worn into a pattern they are blind to it.



btw... Tim might have gotten another taping of us covering So Much Grace in church... I'll pass it along if it comes my way.