Friday, November 20, 2009

The Day in Reverse

Do you see this moon being swallowed by the evening fog?

A few hours ago when I was driving to Point Reyes Station it was nowhere to be seen, completely hidden by cotton candy clouds - I wish upon wish that I had the skill to take pictures while driving because you would have seen taupe hills capped by what looked like ice cream: strawberry ice cream scoops from God's own Creamery Shoppe.

What a sight! 

Something very thrilling is happening in the hills surrounding my wee village:

Sonoma County is becoming Ireland. (!!!!!)
I was expecting a fully brown and sadness-inducing winter that made me pine painfully for spring, look!!!!

The cow farm smell I endured to show these to you made me feel like the bravest set of nostrils in (or 'out of', I guess) town.


My goal was to get here:

Oh, my friends: if you ever visit we will drive to The Bovine Bakery and get a ginger cookie, rich with molasses and topped with organic granulated sugar.

Everything here is organic, sustainable and wonderful - they saved five ginger cookies for me
and now there are four.

Oh my goodness. That's about all I can say until you visit :)

There was also work done today: I made a few pairs of earrings using a gorgeous vintage brass chain that looks so much like snowflakes that I felt compelled to use slightly different shapes and sizes for the beads, while keeping the continuity of the mineral type:
We have amazonite:

And we have Serpentine:

I also finished two necklaces I've been working on, one of which blend handmade chain with some rather perfect commercial links, Serpentine and Turquoise rondelles:

And a little Guided and Protected necklace with an agate Bear fetish, the ultimate protector with a fierce heart and loud roar!

It can be worn with the bear against your chest or flipped around and worn with the words against your heart. Either way, it is endearing and special.

These pieces will be in the Metal Shop this evening and then I am off to make some good supper for our little family.

Side note: Janey is the one who has been peeing outside the litterbox, not that silly Jones as I had thought: I took her to the vet to rule out infection or crystals and they gave me non-absorbent litter for her to pee in so I could get a sample. One full day went by completely dry, then yesterday still nothing. I cried a lot to think I was causing this little innocent any pain or anguish. 
Last night we sat with her in the kitchen where she was isolated and Anthony was singing popular songs to her, substituting subject matter to revolve around the joy of peeing. He also scratched around in her litterbox like he was a cat and he had me laughing so hard.
After two days of no pee, we relinquished the new box and returned her old one and she went immediately and copiously.

So it's behavioral, and we've got our work cut out. Wish us luck! I always said, "I will not have a house that smells like a litterbox" - unfortunately in renting this amaaazing (otherwise) house sight unseen, I got one.
I have poured Nature's Miracle everywhere. I have steamed every inch of carpet until my human nose wasn't offended. I have wrung my hands biblically and gnashed my teeth. 

A move in April is imminent - the wet season brings all the gloriousness up out of the carpets and into their nostrils, giving ideas we don't want them to have.

If life was perfect, what would we have to keep us grateful for contrast????

Love to you all and a fine weekend ahead!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!!
Oh, its rough when the kitties "forget" about the litter box. All three of our cats when they reached a certain age began to tinkle everywhere, and we marched each of them to the vet to find out it was a behavioral issue. Each one responded to something different: Our oldest needed a personal litterbox parked next to his bed with Swheat Scoop litter, our "neat freak" middle child doesn't like to do any business inside, so we walked him on a leash like a dog until he learned to use a giant sandbox in his kennel, and our youngest gets the urge to pee when water is running, so I lock him in the bathroom with me when I take a bath. Ah, the joy of cats. Its all seemed to work to calm them down, they all use some sort of box again, and no accidents. Hang in there!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh, I just love that necklace with the concentric ovals! Having them be oval (and not circular) is such a perfect touch.

I'm a little jealous of your adorable, Ireland-esque, town. I can not lie.

Good luck with your kitty!

Crandall said...

Your words and pics make me miss the Bay Area! Enjoy it - it's so beautiful this time of year.

Regarding your kitty, I can offer a suggestion to try out "Cat Attract" cat litter - it was recommended to me by our vet when my girlie started straying from her litterbox, and that thankfully has done the trick - she really likes the stuff, as much as any cat can enjoy litter, I guess...

jordan said...

oh dear, the inappropriate urination...let me know if you need/want any advice above what your vet likely already gave you in copious amounts ;). love the concentric oval necklace as well, it's gorgeous!!

MrsLittleJeans said...

Love the vintage brass drippy earrings, and so sorry about the urination. My friend's cats did the same when she moved from one house to another, and the other friend's cat always does this when the owner goes on a trip. How terrible! Anyhow, I heard there was a super duper spray or cleaner that truly gets rid of the odor....if you want i can search. Good luck...fortunately you have the beautiful hills, and the bakery...oh how I drool.

Happy Thanksgiving to come....

Nancy*McKay said...

...Serpentine & Turquoise are on to something...BIG...

Good Girls Studio said...

Hope you're having a lovely weekend & not having to run around cleaning up after animals! Love the new baubles!

UmberDove said...

I love, love LOVE Point Reyes Station. Part of my heart and soul will forever reside there, drifting along in Tomalas Bay, walking into Inverness and of course, eating at Bovine.

I haven't been back for almost two years now, but I still (even just last night) paint about the tule deer and think about the cold beaches thick with elk prints.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Kogie - what a comfort to read this: thank you so much!!! We're developing a good strategy :)

Emily: Thank you so much!!! Is it as green where you are?

Crandall: I will, I will!!! - thank you so much!! :)

Jordan - thank you, dear lady - I may need to convo you if our little setup stops working :)

MrsLittle: Indeed, we've got this liquid called Nature's Miracle and it really is a miracle. Cats are just mysterious creatures that have reasons for everything they do: we just don't speak the same language of smell and turf :( Thanks so much for writing to me!! :)

Nancy - well thank you, gorgeous - I intend to make many more!! :)

Good Girls: you too, sweet lady!!

Umber: you just painted the picture of the perfect Marin day. Wow. I will toast to that and send you some Bovine goodies in spirit :)