Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Agua Nueva Agate,

Where do I begin? Not since my handsome husband has anyone beguiled me quite as much as you. I am referring to you as a sentient being because, somehow..... you are.
Your bands of color are hundreds of thousands and millions of years old and yet they are as fresh and immediate as a newly peeled nectarine or a ripe Japanese eggplant. 

I think I began collecting a few years ago, unwittingly finding my first Agua Nueva (new water) agate online and wondering if there were more to BE found, so new was I to the lapidary world - ha!! My latest problem seems to be stopping! I've found enough.

I wanted to share these pictures with you, dear readers, because I was struck today by how varied and special each piece is: some are from the very same nodule (you can tell by the colors) but they all express a complete idea, which is partly due to the skilled hands that cabbed them and found the sentence or paragraph inside the rock.

Some are suns.

Some are Opera sets.

Other still are trees, or curtains opening to an alien landscape...

each one has captured my imagination in some very big way and I find myself staring at them for hours, dreaming up designs for some and simply coveting others with the knowledge that they will never be set for anyone other than me.

It's taken me a while to realize that's ok: not every stone I own will be shared: I am allowed to cling a bit, just not so much that I forget them biggest lesson: they are not 'mine' - they belong to the earth as she created them with the sweat of her seismic changes and the slow drip of her weather systems.

I've made the pictures rather large for your viewing pleasure: I wanted you to see the details as I do every time I open my cabochon boxes - click on the picture and it will expand to a magnificent detailed size.

Enjoy my collection!


Jaime said...

*drools* those are scrumptious looking stones!

Dave said...


Kiki said...

Wow, you've been a busy bee! Who wouldn't want to hoard those stones the way a dragon tucks away his gold! But I've got to say that the central stone in the last line in the final image takes the cake. It's heaven in solid form!

Anonymous said...

How amazingly beautiful is your collection.... Only mother nature could create such wonders, and what a wonderful artist to find these beauties and adorn them in her own artistic way :)

susie said...

Thank you for sharing your collection. It is so amazing, each like its own little painted landscape. Stones are magic, each individual person will look into one of your stones and see something else, something special just for them.

::mari:: said...

Oh, Allison. I'm so glad you shared this. I was in need of same natural beauty this morning. And I confess that I am now smitten with this stone (particularly little blue - what a beauty!).

I'm catching up with correspondence but will write this evening. xo!

InkyTonka said...

Uh oh, I think my drooling shorted out the keyboard....

Gorgeous collection, Allison! Just when I think I've spotted my favorite my eyes fall on another, and another. I don't own any agua nueva yet, but I think I may have to change that soon :)


jessi sawyer said...

And a new stone obsession begins...


Sunny Rising Leather said...

Kiki- when I saw that stone I thought it looked like the backdrop painting for the 'Queen of the Night' aria from the movie about Mozart!!

Jaime: I only eat them for dessert :)
Dave - ya know????

Heather: I need to stop finding them!! :)

Susie: isn't that the best part of it all? Everything is different to everybody!

James: Indeed, what a lovely stone :) Cannot wait to catch up!!

Inky: oh, don't resist the pull: they feel even more amazing than they look!!

Jessi - Glad to get you hooked, girl :)