Friday, November 13, 2009

Yes Indeed!!

Tomorrow (Thursday from Wednesday's post) was indeed better, thanks in great part to your incredible friendship and encouragement.
Thank you.

A lot of very important things got done and they were done with a sense of peace and wonder: I had an especially amazing piece of Japanese Rhodochrosite I've been holding (literally) every day for nearly a year: it was time to set it and to do so I made an Anini Beach Snorkel setting and voila:

It is the yummiest gemmiest pink stone on incredible depth and a peaceful spirit. I felt it was very important to wait until a deeply peaceful time to make it -and- (as you well know) the days after a good old-fashioned cry are rich with what remains when the tears carry the toxins and emotions up and out.


Lovely, lovely quiet.
The perfect moment for making!

I also made a little labradorite necklace for some lover of double-chained simplicity:

And finally a custom ring for a budding collectress  - yay!

After these items are listed I am off to Kodiak Jack's for round two of Sonoma County Idol!!!

Throw me some fairy dust for good luck :)



::mari:: said...

I am going to write the following message in all caps because I am, indeed, shouting it:


You're going to do just fine. I'll be twirling in the background.


Emily said...

Oh my gosh, that rhodocrosite necklace is AMAZING.

I'm glad you are having such a peaceful, lovely day.

GOOD LUCK tonight! We are all rooting for you!



liz r. said...

Not that you need luck, because you have talent to spare . . . but, good luck!

And yes, the rhodocrosite and its setting are perfect.

~Heather~ said...

!*!Throwing Fairy Dust Your Way!*!
With that voice though, you will just be fine.

WOW!!! The Rhodocrosite necklace is amazing, how lucky it's new owner will be.... And what beautiful, flashy Labradorite stones...sigh....(((speechless)))

Good Girls Studio said...

Consider yourself properly "dusted" ;) Good luck!

dailycoyote said...

that rhodo. necklace is STUNNING.
proper email coming in moments!
xo S.