Monday, November 9, 2009

Two for You, One for Me!

Two sprout trees, one in peridot for eternal spring, one in garnet as a valentine to the Japanese Maple in the yard of my childhood home.

Both will be in the Metal shop later this morning!!!

This Agua Nueva is most assuredly an Alien landscape and I paired it with silver that would look like a symbol from an alien language, one that I could look at and understand  -
surely it means 'courage'.

I made it yesterday and when I look down at my hand I am instantly calm, instantly strong: such is the power of stones, ladies and gentleman (Dave).

I am off to San Francisco today to refill my stock at The Museum of Craft and Folk Art as it has mysteriously been depleted again: I need more hands!!

Lots of love and courage to you all this overcast November Monday!


Jaime said...

I love those sweet little necklaces! And the patterns in that stone are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Those sprout necklaces are heavenly! Beautiful work and a clever idea :-)

Petals said...

So beautiful.