Thursday, November 5, 2009

Simply Set Wonders

Heartfelt creations using some of my favorite stones. One of them is the contest winner's necklace, the others are for the shop.

The contest winner's necklace, agua nueva simply set with a heart and a lovely heart chain:

 it says 'love' on the back. I don't really feel at liberty to say what she struggles with, but it is huge and awful and apparently the timing is perfect for her to receive a bauble.

Oh my camera could not do justice to this piece of agua nueva: it is a rose, trapped in black molasses and framed in milky white. The settling is simply a valentine to the stone: its folds and curves mimic the curves within the stone.
This is most assuredly a collector's stone.

A little snip of a necklace!! Vintage Japanese cabochon of cherry blossoms.... sweet, indeed!

Morrisonite with tree patterns and a really nice chain - this makes me think of endless summer, my very favorite season.

The necklaces will be in the Metal Shop today!


Michaela Dawn said...

Holy, take me aback! Very stunning, superb stones, and absolutely wonderful job capturing the stones essence in the silver work!

Kiki said...

I hope that the "Love" necklace warms the heart of the one who deserves it. I know that I feel soothed just looking at the cab's soft lavender color!