Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Meanwhile, Here on Earth...

My head is in the clouds above today with bizarre news aplenty - I am updating the Leather Shop today with a few fins and feathers - skip or jog over at your Leisure!

I promise this is the last post, yeesh!!


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Dave said...

It does seem a gathering of spirits.... You should remember in the solace of your room there are those inspirations that push and ask you to try this, and and maybe that.. then they say "shit.. why don't you sit back relax and read that Zeman blog you've been meaning to read"... HA..

this message brought to you by the heavenly glow around Toby who is rubbing at my leg asking me to fill his bowl again..

just think our bowl is overflowing to think we can replenish the smallest creatures....

I write too much and need to retire for the night..Peace and love