Monday, November 2, 2009

Lessons in Momentum

I have owned my business for nearly three years: nearly three years of trial, error, tears and triumph and boy oh boy, what a gorgeous ride it has been.

The lessons I have learned have been many and varied, but one of the most important things I've learned is to keep steady momentum: make only as much as heart and mind will allow and make room for play and other pursuits to maintain a life balance that makes you pink-cheeked and excited about the morning alarm.

In this spirit, I started several projects before I left, incrementally working out little details over the course of a few weeks so as not to overwhelm myself (as I documented with my bag adventure, sometimes I can swamp myself with a bit too much work!) and yesterday I worked.

I worked with fervor, with adoration, loving every re-lighting of the torch, every little seam of solder that flowed into a smile for me: this was a homecoming that thrilled me and moved me.

The designs were still just as powerful and meaningful as they were when I conceived them a few weeks back, and I was able to add some more ideas and get right back in the saddle, keeping the momentum going and refilling the Metal Shop!!

Without further adieu, here are my new loved ones:

An incredibly huuuuuuge mexican fire opal ring with fire that is purple, green blue and red, featuring a little satellite opal with a gentle red and green flicker inside: size 7, quite possible already snatched up!

A gentle little opal blossom sprout necklace!

Lord have Mercy!!!

The yellow stone you see in the above photo is an eclipse stone: it is incredibly rare and even more beautiful with its sunshine yellow - it reminds me of those moments where you kind of pause and remind yourself to breathe when the day is long and the tasks are many -

You just look into the bright blue sky, wonder at the feeling of expanse and breathe.
Something kind of blooms inside of you and the load lightens.

This ring is a size 10 and one of the very last eclipse stones I have  - I have not been able to find more, so yellow and so positive.

An Agua Nueva rainbow necklace with the word 'seek' written on a pot of gold and a swirling cloud on the other side. The chain used on this necklace thrills me to no end: substantial and pretty darn amazing in its design!
Can you feel the joy radiating off of this design????

These pieces will be in the Metal Shop later this afternoon with glad tidings of homecoming and the sweet reverberating thought-poem that I get to do this for my life's work.

My goodness it makes me cry even just writing it down.


RosyRevolver said...

Delicious. xoxo

reconstructing sarah said...

yup, confirmed, already snatched up! good for you! (bad for me)

this is some of your most spectacular work, i think.

ps. speaking of crying, that's what my husband did when he opened up the journal you made. thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an amazing gift. you are over the moon talented, my friend!

Corinna said...

My heart is aflutter with the appearance of a size ten ring! And an eclipse stone. Oh dear, it is gorgeous!!

Good Girls Studio said...

Lord have mercy indeed! Love creative bursts of energy! Can't wait to get back in my studio!

susie said...

It brings me joy to see someone take such pleasure in what she does. The joy pours out of each and every piece. Off to check out that eclipse stone (just when I think I know everything about stones, I find one I've never heard of). Love that sunny yellow color.