Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Beat The Drum

The necklaces I have to show you today are a result of the last week of my thoughts and prayers.

They are a more definite, less fluid design than I am used to making and the beauty in that newness is that they reflect my current state of mind.

Because we change, our art changes, too.

Lately I have felt more fierce, less delicate.

Dripping with the water of a new land, I am learning a new language, foraging for sustenance after what felt like a great fire swept through my life.

I don't have a branch to offer in this in between place: I have war paint under my eyes and I am watching the forest waiting for movement, anticipating things that aren't sweet to pass before me on their way to survival and growth.

The pieces I made are thumbprints of this experience: pieces that one might pass before a mighty door to be granted entrance.

They are a language, they speak of identity and clarity. They cannot pass themselves off as anonymous, they cannot feebly attempt to destroy things: 

these pieces are keys, they are courage.

I can practically hear their heartbeats.

Of the two, the larger contains a Koroit Boulder Opal with rainbow pinfire: my camera was aching to show you:

The best way to see the colors? Click on the pictures: I guarantee you will be thrilled by the sparkle that lies just beneath the surface.

Both pieces will be in the Metal Shop this evening, along with something both vintage and new, sweet and rugged.

I am currently going to go drink some African Cream tea and come back to this small town, this gentle life after a week in the wilds of the in-between.


Kim said...

Beautiful new work, Allison. And the boulder opal does indeed sparkle in the larger photo. (gotta love Nikon!)

May 2010 be your best year yet!

Brooke Arin Medlin said...

Those pieces are gorgeous, Allison, absolutely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

These are almost tribal! They make me want to don a lion's mane and get ready for battle.

emmy d said...

Those ARE wild, you wild woman you! Wherever the winds are taking you in your designs, keep them blowing!

Illustratornette said...

I was surprised to see more colors in the larger picture. Great words in this post. I am inspired!

Good Girls Studio said...

Love the toughness of the new pieces...very tribal & earthy!

Dave said...

pound me with passion... I bet you were singing loud.

now maybe reach inside and get a good blues song out of you too.

Nice work.


p.s. I heard a current song that I thought you should cover ... watch for an email.

Taddyporter said...

absolutely PRIMAL and like nothing I have seen before.......unreal.

watching this new turn is really exciting!

Jaime said...

Allison your beauty and talent always shines through in your pieces. Just like that stone, your depth is amazing :-)

MrsLittleJeans said...

You are a real warrior, the soft and brave kind : ) Lovely Allison!


Stacie @ azoho.com said...

As instructed I clicked on the picture- and I actually gasped when I saw it. now I'm breathless. and drooling. very nice. very. toughness was a brilliant way to describe it (by good girls studio). wow.

susie said...

There is nothing delicate or shy about these new pieces- I enlarged that boulder opal, and WOW! Love the use of shape and color. Wishing you a wonderful new year.

Runs4fun said...

These are lovely, almost tribal pieces...that exude a rather feral beauty.The markings in the boulder opal are wonderful! One of the most gorgeous stones I ever appraised had amazing earth tones in it...and a most intricate pattern---natural to the stone...that absolutely shone...after being in the hands of what must have been a very skilled hardstone carver / lapidary. The stone came out of Kenya. That piece of yours reminds me of the stone/piece.

Jenny said...

Beautiful pieces, beautiful words! :)