Friday, January 15, 2010


With the power of a jeweler's saw, a piece of jewelry becomes a lovely play of light, metal and negative space.

I rarely post pictures of pieces that are not done yet, but these looked so delicious together that I could not resist. 

They have a bit of clean-up left, but they will all be in the shop on Monday, along with some custom pieces I've nearly finished!

On the left:

Agua Nueva and Mexican Jelly Opal, size 10.5


Mexican Jelly Opal in mid-century architecture, size 6.75


Chevron. Amethyst, size 7.5 !!!

I recently acquired a parcel of Mexican Jelly Opals with very little fire, but oh my goodness, the luminous-ness... a new word for stunning eye candy ;)

Have a spectacular weekend - tonight I am noticing that the evening light is lasting a little bit longer.....
Hello, Spring?
Ah, well.... come back soon.



Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Yummy, Yummy, Yumminess!!!! Finger candy at it's finest♥

dailycoyote said...

That agua nueva ring is a MASTERPIECE!

tmbarclay said...

I couldn't agree more.....that agua nueva ring made my HEART STOP!!!! WOW!!!! :D

susie said...

Oh, that agua nueva is breaking my heart- very special. Enjoy your weekend.

MrsLittleJeans said...

These are lovely, and I know why you could not wait until Monday. I am glad you did not! Have a great weekend A.

Vita said...

Oooooh these rings are FANTASTIC, Allison!!! ;)

Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...

Oh dear lady, you landed by the by and I didn't even see you come in with your white wings and stardust voice... and so, I must say, thank you for your comment, and yes history is fascinating, along with growing towards the sun... all us word wide web friends... hand in hand:)

Do stop by for some time again, you're visits although quicksilver fast, still leave my world spinning with wonder!


emmy d said...

Mmmm those ARE delicious. Loving the jelly opal.

reconstructing sarah said...

oh. wow. sunny, these are something special :)

you inspire me.