Friday, January 8, 2010

Happiness is a Warm Torch

Today I was able to finish two projects that have been keeping my heart light and my hands warm for the past three days:
This piece above is entitled "Portrait of a Fox" because, well, do you see it there?

It is a gorgeous piece of Agua Nueva Agate and I framed it in twisted sterling as one might frame a portrait painted by a human hand.

This ring is a size 7.25 and will be in the shop later with this looker:


This is a Big Bang ring using the second-to-last eclipse stone in my posession, and it's a doooozy of a stone: swirls of creamy yellow and a background of deepest ebony...

It's surrounded by all manner of cosmic sterling and a wee 14k gold dot.
This stunner fits a size 10.5.

See you in the Metal Shop!



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, that fox ring has stolen my heart.

Runs4fun said...

beautiful as always. that foxy ring is amazing and very attractive, as i'm sure will be the lucky gal who wears it!

MrsLittleJeans said...

beautiful..the second looks galactic!
Have a great weekend


RosyRevolver said...

I'm sweatin' sista!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, that Auga Nueva one is amazing!!! The Eclipse one is yummy as well!!

Nancy*McKay said...

...THIS Agua Nueva Agate & that delicious Boulder Opal are my absolute...FAVES...wowser...

Amanda said...

That eclipse stone is breathtaking! Gorgeous work!