Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Two Week Rainstorm

It is very dim inside of my little house - observe the rich, noon-time sun:

We've had nary a drop of the good golden light stuff going on one week now, and they say another big rainstorm is coming through this afternoon to provide another week's worth of rain - What?

Well, we MADE some sunshine last night:

Homemade chicken soup with handmade noodles, a recipe from the Schmill Family cookbook. It was wonderful being with my husband in the kitchen, laughing and cooking and hugging
and stealing kisses.

Rain on, Sonoma County sky: I've got my love and my soup to keep me warm!!



MrsLittleJeans said...

I see someone's watching you intently, do you feel his glances on you?

It is pouring here...rivers everywhere...amazing!

Soup looks delicious, stay warm and dry if you can. : )


The Noisy Plume: said...

Send some of that MY way!!! But in frozen, crystalline form please...


~Heather~ said...

It has been raining here all week as well. I'm sooo over it already.

Yum, that looks like some fab soup!!!

Jaime said...

Oh I wish for 2 weeks of rain only lol It tends to rain here for 30-40 days at a time!
That soup looks soooo good!

Dave said...

We humans and felines need the sun... to shine our eyes and to warm our fur as we repose for our nap... Ally.. you are always a ray of sunshine...

Hey I'm starting to get my typical manic anxiety for the next House concert... could have 18 or 28 confirmed ... yikes... maybe it could be the first 40... I can hope.


jordan said...

PLEASE share some of that moisture...we's thirsty up here in the prairies of the great (brown) north!