Monday, October 4, 2010

Cabbed (by me!)

"Fire in the Sky" boulder opal. There are no words for the sherbet fire here.

Coyamito: the pink is nearly bubblegum!

Gem Silica, chrysocolla and weird matte blue inclusion on the bottom: neat!!! rare!!

Moonscape!!!!! Dendrite agate with moon orb!

Apache agate - powerful!!!!



Heather Fawn said...

Absolutely Beautiful!

Two Bees said...


jaunebleu said...

They are all the loveliest candies! Great job, Allison! The Coyamito agate is particularly tasty ;)

Emily said...

Such beautiful work, Allison!!

Though I've made the painful decision that lapidary just isn't feasible for me I am so thrilled that I can get a taste for it through your experience.


'Rin said...

Tres lovely!

gallerydarrow said...

Good for you Allison, that moonrise is stupendous!! You may not want to go to the desert foe cabs this winter but remember how much rough material is available.

xo, Ro

MrsLittleJeans said...

Love the moonscape and the blue one a lot...I think you had fun making those, so smooth and shiny! xoxo

Taddyporter said...

Hello Miss Sunny, that gorgeous blue stone mimics the most serene alpine lake I have ever seen ahhhhhh, feeling peace wash over me.....lovelove

RosyRevolver said...

You are a wonder.

Anonymous said...

love that moon rise...and yes the apache is powerful, I could feel it off the pic!!!!

love and light