Sunday, October 17, 2010

Waking Up...

To a new season

To Wallpaper from a bygone era

textural richness

To remembering the beauty that can be found in looking down

up up up

and slightly underneath...

Waking up to touch

and exuberance
(the woman you see in this picture is none other than The Dove, whose artful life is well documented at the link, whose very presence reminds me how lucky I am to know her and whose height is so great that my great leap above barely touches her willowy peak!!!
She documented our meeting here, and it would be redundant to post pictures of our playdate from my lovely camera when Pierre lustily captured it with panache!!
Our time together was just so sweet, so full of heart...I cherish its memory already!!!)

to friendship's climbing vine
(isn't she the beautifullest? Gosh!)

I woke up to the redwoods in the LadyBird Grove

And the clouds traveling through gave us a light show that I've never seen the likes of before.
My joy was audible.

On our way out of town my husband and I stopped by Glass Beach and he found me two HUGE hunks of red beach glass, true red, the rarest of the rare.
(this is why I love him: He searches for beach glass the way he lives his life:
he knows what to find and he goes for it with all his might. He innovates, he excavates and all the while he astounds me. That's my man, baby!!!)

I found beautifully battered 70-year-old metal pieces for a dear sister-friend of mine
and enough beach glass and shells to refill my color palate



On my way up I was lucky enough to come across a few slabs of Lucky Strike Agate with plumes whose colors I cannot even describe....
angelskin coral comes to mind,
rose petals....

I will post some slab pics in the coming days
and in the coming weeks I will be cabbing a few and making them available first-come-first-serve-no-pre-reserving or anything:
these are ONCE in a lifetime pieces of agate
and they will be worth a king's ransom.

I will give plenty of notice when I post them.

Tomorrow is my birthday (and anniversary) and I will be spending it doing Tibetan Heart Yoga in the morning, slabbing with Ed and cabbing with Steve during the day
and in the evening I will return home and
my Schmilly, grateful ever to be his wife, one year older and wiser.

Love you,


Heather Fawn said...

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday Dear Allison, Happy Birthday to You! I hope it is a perfect one♥ Beautiful post lady!

Michaela Dawn said...

Have a sweet-bee birthday darling!

DalaHorse said...

Have a wonderful birthday celebration....your life is are blessed! Sue♥

MrsLittleJeans said...

O my...happy two could not smile bigger smiles, adorable indeed! Wishing you the best birthday day! xoxoxo

Tasha Imajin said...

What a wonderful month October is and how fortunate to claim the opal as your birthstone! I always wished it was mine. (August for me.) My wedding anniversary is Sunday (two years too!) so I've been wearing my opal ring to celebrate. Happy birthday and happy anniversary to you! May you be blessed with ooey gooey goodness, beauty, and love always!

gallerydarrow said...

We just got away to celebrate our anniversary too. I'm glad you found each other in the vastness!

It looks like you had a lovely trip.

Happy birthday, you know how to pack in the cake time :)


jaunebleu said...


Happy Birthday, Allison!

Two Bees said...

Happy B & A day to you Sweetie!
May it be filled with pleasures!

Nialah said...

Happy Birthday Allison!!! and Happy Anniversary. A double celebration for a gorgeous amazing woman.