Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Necklace for When You Lose Your Path, Artist Edition

Ah, the dreaded Creative Block: writing, quilting, woodworking, what have you, we all get blocked from time to time and likely everyone always feels like this time it is really really never going to go away....

that we will live out the rest of our art-less days pining for the elusive Muse, who has gone from Goddess to Withholding Harpy in the course of this angst....

Every idea feels like a failure and every initial triumph gets deemed "Mediocre" by the middling internal critic.

A note on my internal critic: His name is Munson, and he is a short man in his seventies with pure snowy white hair and this uncanny knack for standing up in the middle of my vocal performances to deliver a monotone, "Boooooo......."
He wears thick black glasses and a shapeless grey suit.
I am still working on ways to make peace with him, trying to figure out a way of putting him to work that appeases both of us simultaneously.
If you have any ideas, do let me know - he's a DOOZY!!!!

I made this necklace for those times, with a combination of elements meant to ward off despair and stop you from rending your garments and gnashing your teeth.

The first piece in the puzzle is the quiet mind from which ideas can and DO spring.
5-15 minutes of earnest meditation done two times daily (or even one if there's no time) will markedly improve not only outlook, but also gives room for good ideas to see and take root.

Never have I seen a cabochon that embodies these principles before this month: can you believe it? Dendritic Agate with a clear "head" space and a series of gorgeous dendritic inclusions resting on top of the cranium like so many artistic urges bursting out into the world!

Holy Moley.
We are off to a good start!!!!

Secondly we have this clear green luminous gem Chrysoprase to act as a lantern, clearing the way before us, ensuring that we can work no matter if it is day, night or the in-between grey times.

Shine on, little piece of Australia!!!!

Lastly we have the most macabre part of the design: a trio of scuffed and worn skulls.

These skull represent the trinity of unHoly muck:

Fear of the Judgment of Others

Together they are a quicksand recipe, once slain they are a trio of bones you wear knowing that your mighty powers mean their demise, over and over again, no matter how powerful they purport to be:


forever and ever amen.

In the Metal Shop this evening.


susie said...

Love it! I have a Munson too, he finds everything I do to be very pedestrian and mundane. I bore him.

So excited to see the slabs you are working on with your lapidary skills- those colors amaze me. I can't wait to see what becomes of them.

Hope you are having a good birthday week:)

DalaHorse said...

Give Munson a cuban cigar...i would think that would keep him sufficiently busy!*lol* Nice pendant!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's wonderful! That agate is one of the best stones I've ever seen.

Alice Istanbul said...

I just love this post. Your description of that dendridic agate!
And thanks for the meditation reminder. Very true, very true.

MrsLittleJeans said...

I adore chrysoprase...and the rest, but that green is so lovely.
Is that guy is real guy or a figurative guy? Either way, your big smile should take care of him, what do you think?
Lovely post Allison! xoxo

Lizzy Derksen said...

I laughed at the picture of your internal critic, then wanted to cry because I know just how devastating he can be. This is a damn good idea for a necklace. I think we all need one.

Kerri said...

I love that you have named the inner critic! What a great idea! I might have to follow suit.

resolute twig said...

I really
love this necklace.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Susie: Mundane - I love that word to describe what the critic sees in our work - perfect :)

Dala - lol!!!! Thanks, dear!!!

Liz R. - Isn't it the most visually stunning dendrite pattern?

Alice:I am reminding me, too ;) It's hard to keep it regular, but important!! :)

Mona: Munson thinks my smile is lacking in character and visually underwhelming!!lol!!!

Lizzy - many thanks, my writer friend!!! :)

Kerri - please do and tell me about him/her!!!!

Resolute Beauty - I really like you :)

UmberDove said...

Sunny Sunny,
Thank you for being the one to deliver the message to meditate this morning - I needed that reminder, and therefore I stopped here and your words were waiting me. Of course. Reminders are there when we need them most.

Please good sir, loosen that tie and slip on a smart fedora. Better yet, pour a nip of scotch and roll up those pant legs to let the sun warm your pasty ankles.
- In all sincerity, Umber

she said...

MUNSON. okay. that made me laugh, really hard. well, as hard as one can laugh while sitting in a public place (one's place of employment, in fact) while having a rebellious internet foray.

mme. bookling said...


Today's words.
An eternal promise.

Thank you.

MUNSON. Hilarious.
I think what's helped my inner judge is to really REALLY embrace him. Also, a lot of therapy helped me realize that I wasn't creating that voice just because I hated myself, there were reasons and voices put there that I had to unpack and unfilter. This work brought about a kinder judge...although once I put her to work, I had to guide her through every separate instance. Writing, then loving my friends, then cooking, then losing weight...etc. Practice.Practice.Practice.

mme. bookling said...


You two make me puke with laughter.

Girls. I think we should consider a blog community meeting. It scares my shit and also excites my face.

The Noisy Plume: said...

I started laughing at Munson and by the time I reached CRM's "scares my shit..." I was gasping for air.

Munson needs a dirty margarita. Stat.

Love you, Al.

Sunny Rising Leather said...



Munson is going to be so laid back after he takes all of these suggestions -

PASTY ANKLES!!!!! lolol