Friday, October 22, 2010


Dearest Ladies,

This week I picked up several packages at the post office, received a heaping helping of cards from friends and family for the birthday and generally felt a
surplus of love pouring in from continents near and far via digital missives and Facebook wall posts.

It fills me with a gratitude so big that I scarcely believe it can fit into this little body and heart of mine.

"Plunge Boldly into the Thick of Life"
-- Goethe

That is the quote on the front of one of the cards the usps brought my way today and I am taking this opportunity to say "I will!" and to encourage you to do the same this lovely Friday, this weekend and beyond.

Let's live big, beautiful, compassionate lives full of love and generosity together!

Know that I am so grateful every day to read your stories on your own blogs and to have a sense of community that comes alive with electricity and trickles beautifully into physical life until the steady flow of friendships are evident all around us:

what on earth did I do to be so lucky?
To what do I owe this creative life full of love?

I'll just let the mystery be, as Iris Dement would say, and silently send you each and every one a big slice of gratitude as rich as tres leches cake and just as sweet.



Nialah said...

We are equally lucky to know you my dear Allison. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me when I see this kind of thing on peoples blogs...there has been such connections found in these place between souls that would other wise never meet...I love that about this space and all the other spaces I love to go and visit....

love and light

Shrimata Sharan said...

Much Love to you sister Allison!

I feel so lucky to still have contact with you, even after moving thousands of miles away. It's great to hear about your bliss, your life, experiences, and the little bits that make you the amazing woman that you are...I look forward to it everyday!!!!

Jay Shiv Shakti

Ann from Montana said...

I love the words that Cat used: "connections found in these places between souls that would otherwise never meet" and your words about living big and with generosity.

Thank you for the reminder and also the opportunity to call YOU friend!

Dave said...

Allisunny.. now the sunny makes sense... loved the Iris connection.