Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Rhythmic Nature of My Work

(koi for a little update in the Leather Shop tomorrow!)

I think I have finally gotten a good hold on the rhythm of my work: I have a tendency to build, build, build, have this fantastic output and then need a recharge in the biggest way.

There is no 'moderate' in my creative life:

it's kind of all or nothing.

Lately I have been trying to honor this natural pattern with a series of scheduling choices:

I will plan visits with friends (or my bestest friend in the whole world: my sister - who is coming this weekend GAHHHHHHHH!!!!) about two weeks apart and the in between functions well as a concentrated time of work, thus allowing these visits to be a gentle landing for the 'recharge' mode.

Really it's also a refilling of the creative well that bolsters my faith in the goodness of humanity: it has such a nice beat, this series of choices.

Scheduling my life like this also allows me to be social, and goodness knows I need my people to be happy: without community, I am lost: thank God I have it here online and locally in California, close enough to reach my beloved friends in a day's drive.

It also allows me to indulge my workaholic side as I so love to do: it just forces a balance, which I require: I could work my way into a frenzy if left untended.
I strive to create the balance of social/business and I have the freedom to do so at will



That's nice.

I am currently on the tail end of a creative outburst, which sounds like the best tantrum ever, doesn't it????

(finally I captured the colors of the Coyamito!!)

One of the last offerings in the Metal Shop before my sister arrives is this special Coyamito Agate ring: I wanted to get a better picture of the agate and so I have: this is a rare Coyamito: you'll often see them with cinnamon tones, or a wonderful banding of light yellow and purples, but rarely if ever will you see this wild bubblegum pink with a clear blue and the peach/pumpkin shades....
I cabbed the sucker!!! How's that for a wonderful feeling!!!

The metalwork around the stone is floral and full of lift and movement, like lace curtains in a light summer breeze.

I am going to go put her in the Shop before I leave for lapidary fun land:
a few posts ago when I showed you my cabs a commenter asked if I would show the process of cabbing step-by-step (ooh babayyy)
and I think that would be lovely, so yes!!!

Hopefully sooner than later I'll have a post that illustrates exactly how I cab - it's an incredible thing to learn and implement if you work with metal!


susie said...

Love that stone and all of the beautiful hand piercing, it really does create a sense of movement.

I'm excited to see a bit of a step by step of the lapridary work. Tom really wants to learn, but we're having a hard time finding any classes in our neck of the woods.

take care.

kerin rose said...

well, madame, your creative outbursts are just stupendous!...I hope you never stop having tantrums! oxox:)

Lizzy Derksen said...

I envy your schedule. On day I too would like to schedule my life around my real work. For now, school.

The random number generator wasn't your friend. I would like to send you some mail anyway. If you email your snail mail address to, I'll put a little book in the post.


jaunebleu said...

Love the Koi pond :)

The colors of the coyamito are deliciously rich. It is a very special ring indeed!

Cat said...

Oh my darling, in a word to what you have to say about working... WORD!

I agree with Lizzy though, I hope that someday my real work will replace my office work. To be able to think mostly only of making, without being distracted by commutes and lunch hours... siiiiiigh!!!!


beth & cody said...

Hooray for far-away-sister-coming-to-visit weekend! My dear little seester is coming out to visit me too! Hope you two have the best of times together!

And the ring, by the way, is organically lovely. Can't wait to see the cabbing process!

Amanda Ford said...

Thank you for sharing about your work schedule. I, too, if left unattended, could get lost entirely in my work, doing nothing but it.


if I do that...

I crash and get depressed.

Like you, I need my community of friends and family.

Two weeks apart sounds just right for social plans. I am going to try to follow your example.

Enjoy the time with your sister.