Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Man and His Love

I have a man in my life whom I love so dearly it aches me to my bones.
He is my sanity, my soul-mate and the beacon for every shore I reach.

My husband of nearly two years;
the man I searched for during the first 28 years of my life.

Oh, those lips.
Pardon me, I got sidetracked by the cleft in his chin, I mean his gorgeous mouth, er... those mutton chop sideburns.....
need water...
where was I?

Ah, yes....
I was telling you something that was leading to some point... AH! The last month or so has been so trying for the man that I decided I would take him to the Salinas Air show to lift his spirits, and so I did.

Nevermind that he's been sick for most of the week
nevermind that I could care less for air shows, or should I say "couldn't have" cared less, because as of today I am




Oh, the maneuvers, the fanfare, the POMP and PRIDE!!!

I was so proud to be an American that I felt I had a heart two sizes too big and it was tattooed with a portrait of Betsy Ross stitching the last star onto the first flag of our country...

And when the Thunderbirds all raced over my head with the afterburn glowing and my ears scorched with the sound of jet fuel burning and Celine Dion singing "God Bless America"

I did indeed shed a tear.

Looking over at Anthony I could hardly guess at what was on his mind, but I detected a bit of moisture at the corners of his Baby Blues....

My very favorite moment was the first sound of an f-15 roaring through the air over our car: it was a bass that can only be described as life-affirming.

Wish you could have been there to share it with us!



Lizzy Derksen said...

This is good to see. For Tim, it would be a particle accelerator, or a lecture given by Leonard Susskind, but these are small differences.

(I am giving away a little book over on Feed the Long Neck. I would love for you to drop a quick comment for a chance to win it.)

Lynsey Phelps - VerreEncore said...

brilliant way to lift the spirits!

gallerydarrow said...

You are too cute! I love this post, I'm looking forward to some B52 brooches!!

xo, Ro

Anonymous said...

loven' you love!!!

your work is gorgeous!
have seen it at Umber dove and Rosy Revolver
you ROCK girl!

love and light

MrsLittleJeans said...

too cute....when I lived in San Diego I was going to the air shows all the time...I love those metal birds! xoxo