Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mama's Got Three Brand New Bags

1. Robins in the Nest - someone so near and dear to my heart read the blog, fell in love and is now going to receive the bag.
I shall blog about her and her sister, whom my sister and I call 'cousins' because we love them so freaking much.

If you're reading, S, the back is finished and it makes me so tender-hearted that I know you'll be happy :) I just know it!!!

2. A long-awaited custom order from several custom cycles ago: I am too thrilled about its progress!

3. A double koi clutch, which will have a piece of stone inlaid between the beauties: I think they'll be spotted koi. Yup.

And yet I don't know what the stone should be: any suggestions?

When I am making bags all other things go by the wayside.

If I could express how hard it is to make one bag, let alone three it would be a modern dance piece full of long arms and barrel rolls, in which I spell out the word "oof" with my gestures in seven different languages.

I love modern dance.

But more than loving modern dance, I love making bags. It takes all my concentration, and yet the tasks are deceptively simple:

trace patterns
punch holes
punch holes
tool (ha ha ha this word should have seven syllables, as it takes forever - 'tool' sounds so amazing and short for what it really is - long as the day is lovely!)
set stone
loudly and soulfully sing Celine Dion songs (sorry neighbors!)*
listen to Chopin waltzes*
get weepy to the sound of Andy Williams*
dance to Stevie Wonder in between finished steps*
show husband progress every day

(*during all of the above bag steps)

and so here I am in the middle of these processes somewhere for two of the bags, the koi clutch is yet a baby and I am deciding what fabric to line it with: so exciting!

Right, Jones?


Wink ;)



Nialah said...

Sending you lots of love as I sing, weep and dance with you. *hugs*



shadowstarr said...

If I were a leather mermaid, I'd want to swim with your koi!

What about ocean jasper? It has spots too.
The stone is one that struck me when I saw it for the first time. I'll own a piece of it, someday.

Rivet well, Sunny.

UmberDove said...

That light is shining mama. Shining bright.

And one of these days it will be my GREAT honor to wear one of your bags slung across my chest.

Give Jones the look for me, the one, ok?

liz r. said...

Actually I think it would be quite fun to be your neighbor and to hear you singing Celine Dion songs.

The bags look fabulous; what an undertaking to do three at a time!

resolute twig said...

I love your process. :)

MrsLittleJeans said...

I forgot all about your ouches and the bags when I saw the wink...that rascal is gorgeous (and so are you)! xoxo

bonddi said...

Gurlfriend, you need to step up with the music, get some shit stompin sound goin and your hammers and nails will be flying....hmmmm, lets see, I am an old school marm, so lovin Beggars Banquet and Sticky Fingers, The Who, Clapton and his incarnations, Beatles, U2, U4, and U6...ha, jess messin. Can you help do something about the bags under my eye;) Maybe a couple rivets of botox??

kerin rose said...

snarky kitty!..and..ANDY WILLIAMS!....its a good thing I already love you!


Hollie said...

What beautiful bags these will be, and that Jones is a beauty.