Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This morning my mother left San Jose,
bound for the cold and love in Minneapolis.

We had the best of times
learning these new versions of ourselves and
made tremendous inroads in our communication and gentleness:

it was so refreshing to see us both so grown up and full of love and respect,
going to yoga
shopping at the farmers market
sitting and talking until late morning
Janey in her lap
lamplit studio naps for her, working for me
heart to hearts
endless ENDLESS marmalade stirring with my mom manning the candy thermometer
(I have resigned myself to being a sauce-maker - the jelling point seems to ever elude me but oh my goodness, did we laugh)
korean barbecue
bungalow specs
selling Fits to strangers at Trader Joe's
(seriously, this woman asked about my car in the parking lot and I showed her Penny post-accident and extolled the virtues of this magnificent sub-compact car that Honda makes - give me five minutes, you'll buy a Fit.
We saw the woman in the grocery store some fifteen minutes later looking at pasta and she jokingly held up a container and asked what I thought of it and we laughed really hard)

the good times :)

Here's to more visits, to even better weather next time
and the promise of this new phase of our lives as mother and daughter.

Off to list and work with gusto and renewed energy,
Sunny One

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MrsLittleJeans said...

One can never have enough mom visits...Adieu to your Mom! xoxo