Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Intentions

The world means well.

Life means well.

Let these be the thoughts that rise when experience sinks you below a comfortable horizon.

In times of strife and restlessness, I take solace in the idea that every cell of every natural thing is born with good intentions;

This goodness so often meets with darkness and becomes


When Heaven knows

We all want happiness
and a sense of belonging

And there is unity in our shared experience of challenge:

We all cry
lose clarity
and feel pain

I believe in light renewed

for those powerful enough to know how to be their own new dawn.

And I pray for those weakened by sadness, illness, rancor or shame

to learn the art of rising.



Anonymous said...

beautiful sentiments Allison
love the sounds of your heart

love and light

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Cat, your comments lift me up, always; thank you so much more than I can say.

Nialah said...

Inspirational words my dear Allison. Thank you.



emmy d said...

Thank you for your thoughts Allison. As always, I carry them in my heart and they lift me up as I remember them through the day.

And - what a gorgeous orange cat!

nova by tess said...

Beautiful and wise words Allison.
I love reading your thoughtful posts.

resolute twig said...

Just beautiful Allison.
You and your words and the thoughts behind them are so lovely and bring such peace.

sylvestris said...

So well said...and well-timed in that they're striking chords this way, these days. Thanks, love, and peace!


MrsLittleJeans said...

lovely photos and words...the art of rising, I like that a lot xoxoxo

still lily said...

wonderfully said..thank you for this beautiful space to visit.