Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Veggies and Creature Comforts

Bok Choy Blossoms and Shoots, tender and delicious

This morning we rose early, donned our lightest jackets and drove up the 280 to the San Mateo Farmer's Market where we feasted our eyes upon the things we would take home.

There was so much irresistible produce, and as my favorite nightly meal is a 'veggie trough' as Anthony puts it, the farmer's market is the best place for me to go nuts

or go vegetable, if you will!

Pea Shoots were in abundance, thank goodness -
seasonal eats in the Bay Area have me excited about every season:

Bing Cherries in late spring
Heirloom Tomatoes in the summer
Sweet gems lettuce in late summer
Squashes in the fall
PERSIMMONS(!) in the winter
pea shoots in February -

that's some calendar!!

First asparagus of the season: three bunches went home with me!

Here is how I make them:

snap them above the stringy, thick bottom of the stalk,

toss the tender parts with olive oil, lemon juice and lavender sea salt (seriously.)

Broil for as long as it takes for them to lightly caramelize and crisp

take them out, let them sit to cook themselves for a few minutes and then dig in!!

Kabocha Squash - the finest of the fine, truly.

Pullet eggs, small and delicious, raised on a small farm; free-range and happy!

The giant organic strawberries have arrived!!!
This week I will gorge on all of these wonders and HOW.

It will stop me from nibbling kitty paws, much as they tempt...

Anthony and I always joke that as comfy as Jane has gotten with us, she still gets this look in her eye sometimes and we surmise her inner monologue to be, "Oh, heavens, they're finally going to eat me!"

Well, you've been spared another week, sweet girl: thank your veggies!!

Softest place on earth

Happiest day to you all-



'Rin said...

*soft contented sigh*

Thank you for a bit of respite on this stressful and harried day, Sunny.

kerin rose said...

oh so envious you already have all these good things to eat ( w/ the exception of kitty paws! :)..we have just started some of our seeds!...what a lovely little adventure!

UmberDove said...


I left too early. I should have held out for the market. And Jane is lucky I didn't nibble off any of those toes either - I was struggling with a strong hankering for some kitty toes and she was awfully cuddly with me...

Nancy*McKay said...

my favorite nibbley...that softest spot behind the kitty ear...YOU captured it perfectly!

Sunny Rising Leather said...


Oh, I send you calm, my dear!!! :) xoxoxox

Kerin: come on over and eat them with me!!! :)

Umber: YES. Janey will still be around to nibble next time!!

Nancy: I call it the 'bunny spot' - so dear!!! xoxox to you, sweet woman!!

Cat said...

how do you cook your squash dearie? I LOVE them, and am always looking for new ideas.


headbumps to the kitties!

MrsLittleJeans said...

echoing Nancy who knows all the special spots : )

The Noisy Plume: said...


studio.delucca said...

my goodness, those kitty eyes sparkle like gems!

all I'm getting here is southern cali are the pea shoots from trader joe's, which are anticlimactic next to your bounty...... xo