Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The News in Leather

I made you a scarflette: bright mustard Elk Hide with a really dense and generous medallion that is the work of one Kerin Rose, whose sweet self owns quite a bit of real estate in my heart.

Her cast piece is that of a mountain range by moonlight, and I thought it perfect for this particular lacy scarflette for reasons I cannot find the words for, which somehow means it's right.

I feel like the woman who will own this piece is a roamer, a lover of the road and the mountains in all of their seasons...

The tangerine tagua nut button completes a very special work of art.

Next week I hope to have this little belt bag done: the back actually snaps around a belt, up to 1.5 inches wide.

I am so excited to see it done!!

And then there's this hawk wing necklace, rich with soul and intention....

Fly on over to the Leather Shop and peruse, my dears.

One of my very best besties is on his way to me right now, the beautiful and beloved Jeremy; dancer, yoga teacher-in-training and all around joyful sprite.

I will be checking convos and such while he is here, but I will likely be getting back to non-urgent convos after he leaves this weekend.

THEN the Umber Dove arrives on my doorstep with her newfound metal knowledge:
I will greet her with a glass of something celebratory
and revel in the rich visit we're sure to have.

I am blessed to know the dearest friends, the most wonderful family: even though most of my days are solitary, I know they're a phone call or a plane ride away
that makes solitude



MrsLittleJeans said...

What a post, all joy, leather, silver, softness and happiness! xoxo

Nancy*McKay said...

you are always up to something FUN & SPECIAL...i can feel the LOVE all the way here! xoxo

sending a BIGfatKISS to our miss DOVE too...SMACK!!!

Anonymous said...

love it ALL!!!!

Love and Light

kerin rose said...

oh me oh my.... such a poetic post...Sunny, you are so graceful at writing about the poetic truths in our lives....

and, our little collaboration, c'est belle!...
that scarflette is for a true earth soul wanderin' woman!


nova by tess said...

They are all beautiful!

I hope you guys have a wonderful time together! I am missing my friends from Sweden a lot. I wish they were closer :o(