Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Breath of Spring

Perhaps the first breath of spring has come to your neck of the woods, or perhaps you are patiently waiting for signs of it....

You'll know it by the restless feeling you get around sunrise and the renewed romance you find with everything around you.

When I lived in New York City the first breath of spring was met with unfettered joy and lust blooming in the populace.. it was divine, a marked change from the tired and sad faces of late winter.

Everyone blushed, everyone looked.

In honor of this momentous time of year, I made a beautiful hammer-formed sterling flower for you, in whose center rests a gorgeous organically round piece of peach Mexican opal, rare and special: the fire in this stone is subtle, rainbow flecks in the sun and lamplight:

it is to be seen to be adored.

It will be in the Metal Shop today.

In other news, a jumping jack was the catalyst for renewed and searingly painful neck strain:

prepare to be patient with me, ever so very patient.



WillowMetals said...

Beautiful necklace :) Sending healing your way♥♥♥ Take care of yourself beautiful lady.

emmy d said...

Lovely! Hope you slowly heal fully, though it may be a long process...may spring help with that as well!

still lily said...

I do feel the spring in the air out here in the country not far from the sea...and I relish in it.
Word from a gal just come from more jumping jacks lovely Allison. :) Never did like those. You take care now. Patience is a mantra to live by.

nova by tess said...

Spring just arrived here in Philly too :o)

Take care of yourself and stay away from those jumping jacks!