Sunday, March 20, 2011

It Claimed Me

As soon as I finished the bag I realized there was no way it could leave my hands

Because it claimed me!

This beautiful bird declared that we were meant to walk together through thrift store and garage sales and hardware shops...

into and out of farmer's markets and grocery stores...

Certainly to Tandy Leather to get another high-quality crimson hide
because this kind of beauty deserves to be re-created and shared.

I will put a listing for a second incredible bag in my leather shop today:

the one that follows this piece will be lined in suede, not vintage fabric as I am out of it and this design begs for suede and pinked edges.

The measurements of this generous bag are as follows:

15 inches wide
14 inches tall
12 inches deep (I should amend this part - it's a square foot deep, as all sides are 12 inches, making a square foot of space between them)
30 inches from the top of the strap to the bottom of the bag when hanging
I mean my goodness, you can fit the world in this purse!!

The woman who claims the listing can choose her bird and has a choice between elk leather or the red leather my bag was made from (elk is a mustard color, to live for!)
and the purse will be finished one month from the purchase of the listing.

Keep thine eyes on the Leather Shop, my lovely friends!!



Jodie said...

Sometimes that make something you just can't let go. I can see why this one is a keeper, it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

It's perfect, and it looks perfect on you!

reconstructing sarah said...


DalaHorse said...

That bag is totally are a most lucky girl!

Vita Hoyles/CrashingBison said...

It's crazy beautiful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE it's yours!!!!

your work makes me smile ♥

love and light

Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

SO perfect.
Luckiest You.

boniusia said...

lovely bag ... especially the red with a heart