Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Attempt

In this post I am going to make a clumsy attempt to describe something
that defies description-
a magical moment in my life (in our lives)
that was a gift from our friends in Waimea
a sick baby
and the rigors of getting a family of four into a harbor, a boat
and then back home -
we cannot thank you enough, dearest Jenni and Miro -

To be clear, this was not a cakewalk as far as miracles go:
I spent the better part of the journey with my head over the side of the boat,
giving the Pacific my breakfast
and when that was all gone,
foam and saliva.

Having just seen what I'd seen, experienced what I'd experienced I did not mourn my food or my dignity:
I simply laid my hands and head on the 'My Jenni' and watched the flying fish
leaping and traveling
in a state of such utter surrender
that I could practically feel the warmth of God's palm.


From the beginning:

We traveled by boat from Kona southbound
until we saw them in the surf:
a pod of about 50 dolphins
with babies in tow
northbound in their travels.

Miro put the boat in neutral
and we donned masks and fins,
slipping off the back of the craft into the warm water
some 40-80 feet deep.

My heart was on fire
my breathing was ragged and a fear of deep water that has plagued me since childhood was ripe;
I all but missed the sight of the dolphins swimming close to us,
save for a few
that moved to my right.

We moved on, more streamlined in our process;
less fear this time
perfectly placed ahead of the pod

I saw them, so close -
underneath us, to each side:
they scanned me with their sonars
and seemed curious and close
and many.

With my head above water to find the boat
I saw them leaping and splashing in the waves
and a return to the mask
found them still coming:
still passing, still magic.

I swam sideways to watch them
and I thanked them silently with all my might for the visit
so few get to have in the wild.

Back on the boat, the above nausea took over.
I think almost more than the waves
it was the intensity of the experience
that laid me low...

for the rest of this day I've been
in utter surrender,
quietly watching the scenery pass.
Letting tears come at times,
I lean in as Hawaii pulls them from me
soft and slow like a river.



Cat said...


Love and Light

Taddyporter said...

You swam with the dolphins!!!! They are so intelligent and sensitive, those beautiful beings, I know this experience would be life changing... Pure magic.

Take care of your good self, soak up all that goodness and wear Hawaii's balm like a comforting shawl.

What did they sound like? I can imagine the softest little barks and clicks....

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Cat - oh it was :) xo

my Michelle; first of all, I squeeze you. Second, the sounds were faint high pitched 'squeaks'. Jenni says they are especially curious about pregnant women because their sonar picks up two heartbeats. It was such a moment. Totally frozen in my mind!!!

mairedodd said...

to be remembered always... it is rare that we have moments that move us so deeply - so glad you had one... it is magical when the line between the human world and natural world dissolve - the connection powerful... and you are so very right - it feels like a gift because it is one...

Andewyn Designs said...

Your description was heady just to read...I can't imagine being there, experiencing that wonder. Thanks for sharing.


veee said...

you expertly described the pure and exalted beingness of the untellable

thank you for sharing your blessing-in turn it has blessed us all

jordan said...

oh beautiful sunny-mama - we got to swim with a huge pod of wild dusky dolphins in 2010 in New Zealand. an AMAZING experience, to say the least. we couldn't believe how observant and intelligent they seemed - how they would make eye contact as they swam beside (or above or below) us, how they weren't scared of us but just interested in these silly creatures that were in their space. how the babies stayed close to their mamas but came in fairly close to take a peek as well. Steve got seasick too, because he was swimming up and down in the water column as fast as he could to get as much out of the experience as he could - i had a head cold so i didn't do much of that, stayed close to the surface instead. it was one of the most amazing days of our lives, something we'll never forget. i'm so happy you got to have those magical moments too!!
(sending love from snowy, frosty saskatoon!!)

MJ said...

Hello! I 'm new here, and I am drooling over your magical moment, what a beautiful experience you had, and one that is on my bucket list ... looking forward to getting to know your space more :).