Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Shells


It would be almost unreal to think about what life would be like without our protective shells...
just like the sea turtles of Hawaii
we have a thick armor, dinged by years of deflecting
battered by the passing of time
and life's roller coaster of high and low moments.

In moments of great love and friendship
we may slip our heads out, move about
and in some divine circumstances completely set aside that which
we no longer need, completely trusting
our ability to weather anything without protection:
this, my friends is a rare and special thing,
usually the result of a peak experience
or years of meditation, yoga or seeking.

All it seems to take is one rage-filled driver
or someone in more pain than we feel comfortable with
and we find ourselves again
bearing that ratty shield
in hopes that we won't fall apart behind its strength.

But the inside of our hearts and souls?

Compassion, clarity, love.

These two sea turtle necklaces I have engraved, formed and hammer-aged
are the metal embodiment of our desire to self-protect
and the beauty we fear being damaged inside of ourselves.

Perhaps on days that feel dangerous the shell side sees the outside world
while the gorgeous gem of you presses against the warm skin near your heart
On days where you feel comfortable opening to life more fully
your opal-self or your dendritic tree-self kisses the sky and causes the sharp intake of breath
from those you meet,
offering a connection
a conversation.

A portion of the profits from the sale of these necklaces will go
to aid in their ongoing efforts to protect these magnificent creatures.

If either of these necklaces speak to you, please do send me a
to reserve one.

With love,


Emily said...

So beautiful Allison-the writing and the pieces!


Mari Huertas said...

Allison, truly, this is some of your finest work yet. I love seeing you throw down creatively and emerge clutching beautiful new ideas, rendered thoughtfully by your two hands. Keep moving!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Emily - thank you kindly!! xoxo

Bean: blushing :) I kinda cannot seem to leave the studio these last few days...xoxoxox

Cat said...

you are truly amazing
on so many levels
the necklaces are beautiful
the concept behind them moving
the giving to a cause....icing!


Love and Light

MJ said...

Wow Allison, your words are amazing and your work is stunning...all of it together is pure poetry...