Monday, November 28, 2011


A piece of a gift came to me today
in the form of an idea that could not be stilled
enough to even murmur,
"Tomorrow, it can wait until tomorrow"
from the warmth of my bed...

everything else got put off today
but this.

A hammer-engraved hand
carefully drawn
tenderly carved with the graver...

It will be a necklace
and in the palm there will be a gift of a gemstone
and I feel opal might be best

to be worn over the heart.

In the leather shop the hummingbird clutch
called out to be antiqued, painted
but it must wait until at least tomorrow
when I feel stronger.

Its centerpiece will be a piece of gorgeous green turquoise
I've been holding onto for years...

And in the midst of these deepening dark days of winter
the uncanny word 'bloom'
beckons from the flip side of the piece.

This was the work of my hands on the last days before leaving for
Minneapolis - sometimes tooling obsesses me
and I can do little else

and then the impulse flips to metal...
I love the contrast and the ability to do both
with all my might.

Allisunny and the box of tissues


Amy Nicole said...

Oh Allison ! Your engraving is amazing. I've had my supplies sitting here and haven't touched them. I really must practice. Beautiful work!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Touch them, you silly woman!!! :) I know, I know, everything in its time. My husband laughs at me because I'll get a new tool of a new important piece of stone and I'll just kinda stare at it for months until the right moment comes.
I just know you'll be brilliant with the graver.

Sybil Ann said...

Love hummingboids to pieces, doll!
Seriously cannot wait to see it.

Cat said...

thank you for your lovely words to me in your last comment my friend
it warms my heart to know that you love to is like that in my home too : )

Love and Light