Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November's Harvest

Will be small but oh so mighty mightayyy
(I already love you if you know what song those last two lyrics are from)

The first piece I have to show you is a stunner:
a large, organically shaped Kazakhstan Thunderegg Ring.

I cabbed the stone myself and was so amazed at its composition,
so unlike anything else I have ever seen in my rock-loving life:
the matrix was pink and the agate itself was deep blood red, neon yellow and had pockets
of opaque agate that hinted at movement.

For this stone I made a special textured bezel

And a very simple setting so that the unique, rare and deeply satisfying agate artwork would shine shine shine.

I can safely say you'll not see an agate like this but once in a very blue moon.
Kazakhstan Thundereggs go for a MINT online.

This ring has a fern band, wide

And globular accents. It will fit a size 6.5-6.75 finger.

Now, on the wing front, I have been stalking my garden
to see if autumn had claimed any carpenter bees, but there were none to be found
since the last beast I found in the early summer.

Enter my dear Laurie Brown
with whom I spent a few hours on Sunday (more on that at a later date)
and in whose presence I merely had to ask, "Have you a spare bee wing?"

Well, she sure did, and these rolled beauties are the result
of a tiny bit of home surgery and an answered prayer.

Sterling silver bee wing necklace

Light-as-air hammered-edge bee wing oval earrings

Small and dainty bee wing sterling earrings

And copper bee wing earrings!

I may have a few more pieces that show up toward the weekend, but this may be the
sum total of November's smithing:

I have a clutch in the works that I hope to have finished before I leave:
it involves hummingbirds!!!

To reserve any of these lovely metal pieces,


and we'll sort out the details!



Cat said...

that ring is breath taking!!!

love and light

Amanda said...

Beautiful! Love the bee wing earrings. I'm envious of you folks with pierced ears getting to wear such pretty things. :)

veee said...

love me love me baby

i'm mighty maiaaaghtaaaay...i'm lettin' aaaalll hang out!

Sybil Ann said...


Damn woman. That rang rang some bells. :)

And wore both your wings to work today. Trying to grab your loving forgiveness for micelf. XO