Monday, November 21, 2011


The Big Island is born of volcanic activity
(as are all of the Hawaiian Islands)
so lush and green
with many different kinds of landscapes
and weather patterns - it's like five places rolled into one:

high desert
small town
beach enclave
rolling rural Marin

But to look into the crater of the volcano is to see
the aftermath of furious heat
the precursor to wind-planted seeds and decadent soils...

Though I've been working with the volcanic design for quite some time now
being near the center of an actual eruption site
taught me volumes about texture
and feel....

What was a concept just became a bit more of an exercise in remembering
the smells, sounds and heart of the beloved model.

The scene is beautifully bone-chilling up there...
It reminds me of the aftermath of anger, rage or dervish-like confusion...
Nothing but a red-eyed fierceness
that eventually will soften into understanding
and a welcome place for verdant, lovely life

like a feud between southern families
that heals and ends in marriages and babies.

A Brazilian Garden Quartz is the seed inside the mighty cone
beckoning its mistress to take a closer look inside
so that she may heal herself well and fully
after any eruption.

Size 7.75. Distinctly One of a Kind.



Mari Huertas said...

I've loved this series a long while. Smashing!

Nialah said...

Amazingly stunning ring.



Sunny Rising Leather said...

Thank you my dear lady friends!!!


Katie said...

Wow, another amazing piece! One day I will stake my claim on one of your creations.

Cat said...


that life inside you is doing amazing things already!!!!
like Katie, one day i will stake my claim on one of your creations!

love and light