Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Schmilly and I waxed marvelous over dinner this evening
discussing the differences between our two
Hawaiian vacations thus far as a couple.

During the first trip to Kauai, Anthony had just lost his job
and we were a newly married pair
lost in a vanilla-chocolate swirl of 'for worse' and tremendous support
from friends and loved ones.

During this trip, we are post-three-year-anniversary
and pre-baby.
Anthony has just been a part of the production of
a very popular video game that is doing well for itself.

The contrasts are stark
both situations rich with beauty and potential for growth,
both very important times in the lifespan of lovers...

but the ways in which we know each other
have grown many
and the tenderness that knowledge has engendered
is deep and wide

We've navigated life together these last 6 years
from dating
falling madly and quickly
moving in
hitching our wagons
and creating new life.

I thanked him a lot on this trip
and I told him that if we were single
and had gone on this trip as strangers in a group that traveled together
dined and hotel-ed together

perhaps as friends of friends
or coworkers

I would want him to ask me out;
I've found him witty, tender, chivalrous and handsome

And I would have carried a flame for him
Had a crush on him
Wanted to feel the weight of his hand on mine...

That's a nice feeling,

realizing how much you like the one you love

How you would choose them again and again

If life would be kind enough

To just introduce you.



Sybil Ann said...


Lovely pics too!

Heidi said...

As a single gal, I really like this post. I'm glad you had such a great trip!

Cat said...

oh how I love this A!!!
words I understand
when my Horticulturalist decided to join me, and work from home, we had so many raised eye browse..."mmm wonder how thats gonna go???"...
but we really like each really really like!
It is indeed so good to rediscover this truth over and over and over again through out a marriage
loving is one thing...liking is another
thanks for the reminder of that truth today

love and light

Valerie said...

What a touching post - I love the way you wear your heart on your sleeve! I suppose the reason I liked it so much is I wear my heart on my sleeve for my man of 27.5 years - which seems astonishing and scary at the same time!

All the best to both of you!

Valerie Brown
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UmberDove said...

It is the best feeling of all.

Natalia said...

All of your posts always leave me with a smile or with a good feeling..

But Sunnyyyy, you officially made me cry!

What a beautiful feeling to be constantly falling in love, in many forms, in several ocassions.

My Husband and I have been 10 000kms away for 4 months all in order to build a better future together and in December we will be together for good and your post just made me realize how once again I will fall in love, I love to hear him talk, see him far away walking towards me, thinking that exact thing, If I didn't know him, I would like him so much.

Life is such a beautiful thing, thank you for sharing your daily blessings!

Un millon de Besos!


MJ said...

What a sweet post, you spin such beautiful words!! And your pictures, the frog is amazing! My best friend and husband came into my life at 16 in high school. Somehow, I just knew. I felt it, that he was special and different. But we remained just friends then, good thing, because we were both too young and stupid to be anything more to each other. 8 years after graduating from high school is when lightening struck and we've been together ever since. He is light, laughter, a deep breathe, and a long hug. He is also the reason that I began to walk away from perfectionism, but I think I'll hop to your previous post to respond more there :). Thanks so much for sharing your story and your love, it's so uplifting...


mairedodd said...

such beautiful sentiments... and how wonderful to know that (with work) two souls are thriving and appreciating each other as they and their union grow...

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Thank you all so much - I cannot tell you how much each comment means to me, how delighted I am that you take time out of surely busy days to write a few words here:

really, thank you.