Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well well well....

Every few nights when Anthony tucks me into bed
(waaay too early for a 34-year-old woman to fall asleep)
I go through my list of eBay favorites
and search for the rough and polished rocks I cannot get enough of.

A search for King Cobra jasper will turn up mostly mottled brown and cream/tan stones,
nothing like the rough I came across a few years ago that set my kcj obsession in motion.

Last night as luck would have it I found the Holy Grail:
Salmon pink, sage green, rich cherry hints in mustard yellow jasper.

I snapped it up without a second thought and when I get home from all of November's
travels, I intend to slice into this treasure
and make some cabs to set, and perhaps a few to sell.

I just felt so giddy with thrill that I had to share it with you:
for some people their bounty is shoes
for others maybe some sort of rare mushroom;

I heart rocks.



bonddi said...

"When the stone hits your eye... like a big pizza pie....that's amore!" What a slice of pie you got there, absolutely gorgeous. Can I reserve a piece????? Make mine with pepperonni, sausage, olives, red pepper, a hint of cilantro and lots of salt and pepper. YUM.

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Commmming up, Bonddi!!!! ;) xoxoxo

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Gorrrrrgeous. You'll work magic with it, no doubt.

Debbie said...

Ahhhh, spoken like a true rock hound! I SO understand!
when you know, you KNOW!!
Have wonderful travels coming up to the "3" of you!
Heart, Heart, Heart!
PS, I'm loving my earrings Allison, they are so perfect!

EmeliaRo said...

I may need to buy one of those cabs! (droooool...)