Saturday, December 17, 2011


When I was singing at the wedding a few weeks back up in Mill Valley,
I had the pleasure of rooming with a student of Transpersonal Psychology.

We were supposed to stay with the blushing bride, but she felt so comfy at her Pa's house that she left the whole gorgeous suite to us in Napa: what a gift!!

That night the two of us girls sat up late talking with increased
animation and wonder:
there was so much in common, so much to say!!!
Could anything be more wonderful than those instant understanding connections?
I chalk it up to being of the same tribe.

The one thing among many that stuck out in my memory of the evening was the discussion we had about perception - that it must be ok to let people perceive you
just as they decide to without trying to influence them into more positivity than they naturally feel.

That's a tough thing to process:
the grace of allowing others to have their own sense of you,
to write you as either hero or villain in the movie of their life should it serve them...

no pleading your case
not needing to be right or accepted
(or even liked) no matter how 'good' you know yourself to be

no matter the outcome
content to let life happen around you without the need to be understood...

Can you imagine the freshness of doing the best you can in every way without wondering
how it's taken?

The crisp cleanliness of a day well-lived in which neither detraction nor praise affected your
opinion that it was good to be breathing?

I think that may be one of the cornerstones of a solid, powerful and purposeful life,
especially in this day and age where everyone has the freedom to voice their opinion
publicly and without name:
perception is key here on these interwebs we've woven.

I am collecting these tidbits of wisdom I glean from good conversation
not just for myself,
but to give to a young boy when he begins to form a relationship with the greater world:

I want to give him a sense of allowing the world its own stage
so that he can focus on bigger things than being liked or seen as he sees himself:

I want to help him find keys to purpose and plenty.



Cat said...

this is beautiful Alison!
something that has been close to my heart recently
to just be
be content in who I am
not to prove
not to defend
just let my life speak for itself
those who are meant to see will see
those who don't...well...don't
as someone who was rooted in approval that is a hard pattern to break...but I remind myself it is only a pattern I have developed...
it is not me
not my dna
not my Soul purpose
my Soul purpose speaks for itself because it has and energy of it's does not need me to voice it's wonders
Goal purpose does...goal purpose feeds my ego and needs the voice...demands it
it is how a recognize the difference
the Soul needs me to just be...I like that
My latest post is a reflection of that...Calling in the Tribe
i knew it would raise some eyebrows of my readers...but it is a reflection of my Soul purpose and who I am and when I try to stifle that I only hurt myself....

I love how you are already preparing to inform your son about such things
he may not "get it" but what ever you put in stays and will return to him when the time is right...I am beginning to see that in my own son who is almost 18

you are a wonderful mother already!!!

sorry for the winded post
love you sweet lady
Love and Light

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Soul purpose
goal purpose:
has anyone ever told you to write a book!?!
Right there, the crux of so much stuff...
I am so grateful for your insights and loving heart.
Thank you, Cat!!!

oksana said...

....and i am most grateful to both of your insights - you both are beautiful souls - thank you

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Oksana - thank you so much- it was a night of great illuminations!

Lizzy Derksen said...

What a freeing thought.

Thank you.

Woman of Promise said...

I loved this post, it was so timely and such a great reminder THANKYOU!!

Anonymous said...

you are such a sensitive, authentic, vulnerable person. I admire that very much. it some [weird] way that combination of qualities always makes me feel like things will be okay, for you, for me, for all of us. though i don't know you personally I am so touched by your honesty. thank you for who you are to all of us who stop by. -dashi

Sunny Rising Leather said...

I am so touched by these generous comments: thank you so much.


Sybil Ann said...

wise woman