Monday, December 12, 2011

The Return of the Scarflette!!!!

Oh Scarflette, dear Elkskin Scarflette, how I've missed you so!

Upon whose golden lacy hide a tiny bean sprout grows

A veggie ivory button in the richest amber red

"Lady"s up the roughness of the rugged Elken edge.

Please pardon the terrible rhyme above
I've just been so excited to bring back a favorite from last winter!

Against the throat and chest, nothing could compare to the toasty warmth of golden veggie-tanned Elk hide.

This particular scarflette celebrates growth with the three stages of a golden bean.
It fits as would a 20 inch necklace with a long edge reaching down the chest some distance.

You can find her


1 comment:

Cat said...

the scarflette is great but your awesome smile is even better!!!!

Love and Light